Comments and queries for the week of April 20

Well, [Workin’ Moms‘] Kate should do a brief introspection re: 1) how big or little was her own part in bringing her marriage to this which is, after all, a boat with two rowers who can be in harmony, at cross purposes or simply drifting and, 2) whether the marriage is important enough for her to attempt salvage.

If she’s basically an honest person, she’ll tell Nathan she knows about his affair and hear out his version of their marriage. However, the Kate the show has shown may well delay notifying her husband in order to make preparations that will benefit her at the dissolution of the marriage, e.g. consult a lawyer unilaterally, use Nathan to hold the fort while she’s getting her business off the ground. She was incredibly dishonest at her dual workplaces so her default setting appears to be subterfuge for personal gain. But when that would require a continuing sex life with a person who’s deeply betrayed her … it may be a step too far even for Kate who makes her living in an artificial world of lying or exaggerating for money.

Certainly, her toxic friend Anne is likely to egg her on in a bitter punishing direction as a wronged wife herself in her first marriage instead of bringing a therapist’s calm view to the situation. A therapist instead of a harpy type friend would urge more time spent on one’s own development instead of conducting an immature vendetta against what was a neglected husband in a marriage that clearly took last place in Kate’s priorities with career first and child second. Since Anne just aborted her own child for sheer personal convenience, imagine her advice should Kate get pregnant while her marriage is coming apart.

Nathan behaved like a jerk by stringing along wife and lover but both men and women often do that for a transition period while weighing whether to leave a marriage or not. Indeed, the lover is often a tool to get out of an unfulfilling marriage, a transition object. That said, his willingness to risk pregnancy by having unprotected sex with his wife makes him either stupid, swinish (not previously shown) or likely to break with the lover who’s then just a fling. —Laine


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