TV Eh B Cs podcast 80 — Getting the story from Gemma Holdway

Gemma Holdway is a British-Canadian writer. She has worked as a story editor on Syfy/Netflix’s Ghost Wars and Season 2 of CTV’s hit series Cardinal. Together with Cardinal showrunner Sarah Dodd, Gemma is currently developing a one-hour drama for Bell Media and Omnifilm Entertainment. She has previously developed series with Front Street Pictures, Reality Distortion Field and Riverside Entertainment.

Gemma also worked as a script/story coordinator on Ghost Wars, Gracepoint, Killjoys, Power Rangers, High Moon and Poor Richard’s Almanack. She was a 2016 recipient of the Corus Entertainment Writer’s Apprenticeship and is currently enrolled in the National Screen Institute’s Totally Television Program. Gemma’s TV pilots have been shortlisted by the Sundance Episodic Storytelling Lab. Four of her TV movies have been produced. Her shorts have premiered at Edmonton International Film Festival and Whistler Film Festival. She holds a bachelor of journalism and a minor in politics from Ryerson University. Gemma is represented by the Alpern Group.

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