Comments and queries for the week of April 27

Someone has to tell this new host she needs to stop interrupting her guests. This is off-putting in the extreme. I watch Power and Politics regularly, record it daily, however, I am considering stopping recording and watching as Vassy Kapelos’ constant interruptions makes her interviews more frustrating than the benefit of the political discussions. —Janet

I do wish Hollywood would go back to good stories, mysteries and subjects. They rely too much on scandalous sex, crude language and violence as well as fantasy and just weird content. Most of the U.S. detective shows are corny or dumb except for Law & Order: SVU. Or, they just do reality TV, which is getting old. Although the actors on Murdoch Mysteries are attractive, the show doesn’t just rely on over-plasticized, fake beauty like Hollywood does. It is about the characters, the plot and the excellent writing. I am so glad other countries like Canada, the UK and Australia to keep these kinds of mysteries coming. —Makeup Girl

I live in the U.S. and am a Murdoch addict. I don’t really like Julia. I wish Murdoch had stayed with Anna. So happy about Season 12 that I can hardly wait! —Patricia

I live in the U.S. (Mississippi) and I am really, really, really glad to hear that Murdoch will be back for Season 12. Words can not express how much I love this show and there is nothing on the air in the States, right now, that is as great as MM, in my opinion. While the show is set in Canada, the themes and societal issues it tackles are universal. Gender equality, abortion, civil rights, issues of racism, classism, religion, homophobia, etc. These are universal to people living around the world and MM examines these without judgment or taking sides, leaving the concluding analysis to the viewer. All of that, in addition to, a really great mystery. This is something that is rarely found in a lot of TV shows today. My hat’s off to the writers, producers, cast and crew for the blood, sweat, tears and HANDIWORK that you put into every episode. Believe me, it shows. Impatiently waiting for Season 12. Oh, Shaftesbury and AcornTV please don’t make me wait toooooo long. :-) —Daphne

Although we in the U.S. and are about two months behind with current airing via AcornTV, still happy to know Murdoch and team will be coming back for Season 12, just hope their holiday special is as good as their first in Season 9—didn’t really like holiday episodes for 10 & 11. Also, while I love Murdoch and Julia, there has been way too much focus on their relationship and not enough on the actual crimes, let’s go back to what worked in Season 1–9. —Lisa

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  1. I was interested to see that “Heartland” was on the pending list for renewal and more than surprised to learn that it is returning next season. Stick a fork in this one, it’s done. When frontline characters are absent for almost half of the year, obviously busy with other projects, it sends a message that they’re no longer engaged. I enjoy the scenery and horses but I have to admit, the story lines are getting repetitive and tired. Time for the Golden Wrap and move on.

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