Comments and queries for the week of May 4

As with so many others, I am so upset that You Gotta Eat Here! has been cancelled! What are they thinking? Bring this show back! There are so many other restaurants out there that need to be shown and it’s not the same over and over again, such as Top Chef contest shows. Listen to the people who have written in! And they are only a fraction of people that feel the same way. —Lyn


Really glad that there is going to be a Season 12 of this totally addictive series. In the UK and we have just seen Episode 17 and IMHO it had one of the toughest storylines ever with the conflict of morals and ethics set against the personal tragedy of Julia’s miscarriage. Having read the sneak peek of Episode 18, what is in store for next season? Will Emily Grace return to full the emptiness in George Crabtree ‘s heart? Will miss Hart’s manipulative scheming turn out to be the tip of an evil iceberg? As Julia was having fertility treatment did she just lose one of a pair of twins? And when is Murdoch going to be promoted? We know that Brackenried becomes chief constable, retiring in the 1920s from the Frankie Drake web story, where Watts becomes an inspector. And of course more of Myers Pendrick and Higgins. I just wish there were two series a year! —Clive

I was actually hoping Murdoch would come to his senses this time. This is not love. Julia asks too much. She obviously loves herself more than her husband. So selfish! No man should have to live with a Victorian “nasty girl!” —Beth

I disagree wholeheartedly. I don’t understand why a strong woman is often seen as a nasty woman, even by other women. William was very, very cruel when he blamed Julia for the miscarriage. He was cruel to her when he walked away from her (much earlier on) upon learning she had had an abortion. He was cruel when he took much too long to come to her to propose before she left for Buffalo. She loved William so much but was making a sacrifice of her own happiness so that he could meet and marry someone who could give him children. He did not go to say he loved her still and please don’t marry Darcy. I know he had just let someone out of jail when he shouldn’t have, but he could still have let her know before he left town. It probably would have turned out entirely differently. So William has hurt Julia over the years too. To paint her as nasty is a disservice to women everywhere. One needs to look at the whole picture and look at the love between them as being strong and forgiving. —Linda

This is a beautifully written and superbly acted TV show. We may hope for things to happen but basically it’s written for plot and character development. It’s ENTERTAINMENT! Sit back and let it entertain you!! —Pamela


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