Comments and queries for the week of May 11

I think [Workin’ Moms] Kate would keep it secret at the beginning because she’s not sure what to do (or what she wants to happen). I don’t think she could even tell Anne, because then Anne would immediately get upset and fire the nanny and the secret would be out.

Kate (while sometimes reckless) is smart. She would surreptitiously try to determine the extent of the affair without tipping anyone off. I think she would test the waters to see if it was possible to salvage the marriage.

She would definitely try to thwart any further romantic contact between the nanny and her husband. And she would try to repair her relationship with her husband as though nothing had happened and make sure that she spent time with her husband during times when opportunities to see the nanny might otherwise arise. She would definitely not have any qualms about discussing her now-steamy sex life and improved marital relationship with her friend Anne (in front of the nanny). She’s a bit vindictive at times, so she would relish the nanny’s attempts to hide her jealousy and pain.

In the beginning, I don’t think she would tell her husband if she got pregnant, because she might want to keep the option of an abortion open. But she would definitely tell Anne about the pregnancy (in earshot of the nanny) and pretend to be happy about it. The nanny would be the one to break the news of the pregnancy to Nathan, and his smile would give away the fact that he’s actually happy about this new development.

As her business becomes more successful, Kate would bring on more help, cognizant of the fact that (1), she needs to keep her husband occupied and (2), she will need help with her business if she decides to go through with the pregnancy. As is often the case with businesses, picking the right people and delegating will help her become far more successful far more quickly than she might have become otherwise.

Later, with the pregnancy progressing, Kate would be trying to decide if she wants to go through with it (knowing that she might have to do it alone). At this point, she will talk to Anne, after swearing Anne to secrecy. Anne will tell her to leave Nathan. Kate will delay the decision.

Eventually, Anne will end up spilling the beans to Nathan somehow (perhaps in an overly emotional moment). Nathan had been starting to feel that he was making a mistake leaving Kate and had already broken off things with the nanny. However, with Anne’s secret-spilling, he will once again feel that Kate is making decisions without him and will tell her that he wants a separation. Kate, furious with Anne, will end their friendship. —Tara

Wow, I feel like Tara should be in the Workin’ Moms’ writing room!


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