Comments and queries for the week of August 3

You threw historical accuracy of the 40s out the window [in Just in Time for Dinner]. Such a totally askew picture of the 40s kitchen, the product of a mother/actress that obviously can’t cook … period. Comments like, “it took me half the day to just grind the meat,” left me more irritated than amused. By the way, cooks today still use manual meat grinders because they do a better job and one can grind up a whole cow in 30 minutes. Those of us who can remember our grandmothers in their 40s kitchens recall a time when variety was not a problem, particularly with homemade bread, pastries and yes, even meat dishes. Your program falsely suggested everyone went vegetarian in the 40s. Let me point out that in Ottawa alone, just outside the city, farmers regularly supplied the city with beef, poultry and pork at the local markets. There was NO shortage. In addition, you conveniently forgot that cottages were very big in the 40s and whole families spent every weekend boating and fishing … and oh yes, having outdoor barbecues. Freshwater rivers and streams at this time were plentiful with pickerel, catfish, sunfish, rock bass, perch, etc. It’s clear the producers of this program didn’t have a clue about this decade at all. —Garry

Good challenges with fun with theatre and chocolate and even the paddling river was calm. Funny seeing the guys knock over the clue box in the boat and fans helping them get in the end. Good mix of physical, detail and navigation in the Leg. Funny Oshawa mistake but its impact is null with the dawn equalizer. Math with 11 legs and 10 teams means two more episodes like this though I suppose a Keep on Racing gives them an excuse to do two episodes in the same province. A non-Blind Double U-Turn should be good. Thanks for the behind-the-curtain tidbits. A decent episode with good tasks but so much sameness. It’s enjoyable but not as exciting as the first few years with all the repetitiveness. Much of the TAR fandom is feeling it. —DanAmazing

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