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Comments and queries for the week of August 31

The BEST episode [of The Amazing Race Canada] this season. So entertaining and funny. Fave parts: “make up” some time, “dead serious,” the moustaches, the intimidating big brown eyes, the boarder dog, the bad acting, the invisible slap chop, Phil’s many brotherly jabs towards his sister, and Taylor’s calm and positive demeanor while cheering on his sister in the first task. Sad to see any of the Top 5 teams eliminated. —Tunie

Best challenge was obviously the fun acting bit that we spent most of the episode on, but to see a true footrace and the strong team of Nancy and Melissa go was shocking. Battle of the Two Courtney’s was a good episode title. Road Block was OK, Detours seemed simple at least from what we saw. A strong ending for our second and last international Leg. Fredericton next week means all the provincial and territorial capitals have been featured at least once over the six years. Pretty foreshadowed that the boys would win this episode. Cute skateboarding dog. —DanAmazing

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