Comments and queries for the week of September 7

Murdoch Mysteries

followed by Still Standing are my favourite shows. Like Lost, I can hardly wait for the shows to begin. Both are so different and excellent in their own right. I hope they will never be cancelled. Great Canadian shows and amazing actors! —Lucy

A decent Leg [of The Amazing Race Canada] though not my favourite of the year. Limiting the Detour spots was smart and it was somewhat funny to see Phil and Martina struggle so much. Even one of the staffers in the chopper seemed to fall over pretty hard! Fit looked pretty hard. Still though, the Face Off made everything prior meaningless and was yet another sport task. Sudden death was interesting and unlike most times Phil and Martina actually caught up so their elimination wasn’t sealed right then with most other Face Off losers in the past. I appreciated the Road Block being in another language though it seemed more simple if you could use your ears and memory well enough. The biggest personality of the season is gone right before the finale; the producers were probably bummed. I think Taylor and Courtney have it, unless the guys can pull a Mickey and Pete. Adam and Courtney have never won a Leg and don’t seem to have an edge on the other teams with any major type of task. Stranger things have happened but I’d be surprised if they won it. Adam and Courtney and Dylan and Kwame are actually from Alberta, I wonder if that will give them an edge in the finale? —DanAmazing

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