Comments and queries for the week of September 21

The [Amazing Race Canada] finale was good, but I’m super bummed with the outcome. Not having Martina and Phil in the finale made it way less fun to watch. I was really pulling for Taylor and Courtney to win. I never really got into Adam and Courtney, there was just something about them that made them unlikable throughout the whole thing. I enjoyed the season but it seemed shorter than previous seasons. I wouldn’t mind if they went abroad more next season because its always enjoyable to learn and see new countries and cultures. Overall a decent season. —Christine 

I enjoyed the first [Bletchley Circle] series but missed the second one, unfortunately. Sounds like an intriguing take on the previous series, though I wish it had been set in Vancouver rather than the U.S. Hopefully, Season 2 will move to Canada. —John

Super, we love Jonny Harris and Still Standing. Looking forward to the Carcross, Yukon, episode as we have been there, and got lost trying to find our way back out of town LOL. —Steve

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One thought on “Comments and queries for the week of September 21”

  1. Regarding the first new episode of the Dragons Den, unless they didn’t show it on screen, did the Dragons not make a major mistake not asking the gold guys how much they were going to have to pay for the scrap electronics? As far as I could recall, all they talked about was how much gold they could get from the scrap electronics but if I had scrap electronics and they came asking for it, knowing what they could make off of it, I would probably be asking top dollar for the scrap and this would impact their numbers and valuation big time. Reminds me of last season when they so foolishly jumped on the bandwagon for the bogus golf device that supposed helped improved balance and power….

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