Links: Frankie Drake Mysteries, Season 2

From Sabrina Furminger of YVR Screen Scene:

Link: Lauren Lee Smith dishes on second season of ‘Frankie Drake Mysteries’
“Their relationship is volatile and they don’t see eye to eye, ever. He definitely creates a huge challenge and huge barriers for her in season two. She has to constantly figure out how to get around him and outsmart him.” Continue reading.

From Kelly Townsend of The TV Junkies:

Link: Frankie Drake Mysteries: Lauren Lee Smith on returning to the 1920s
“We had spent a good chunk of time getting over the exhaustion of filming a TV show, so we were all so ready and so excited to come back. We all kind of had an outline of what the season was going to look like and what at least the first few episodes looked like. We were all just super stoked to get back into it and get back into these characters.” Continue reading.

From She Does the City:

Link: CBC’s Frankie Drake Mysteries inspired by post-WWI book Toronto Girl Problems
It was during a research effort for Murdoch Mysteries that Carol Hay and Michelle Ricci came across a historical book entitled Toronto Girl Problems, which was published after World War I. Continue reading. 

From Debra Yeo of the Toronto Star:

Link: We said yes to a vintage dress for our Frankie Drake Mysteries debut
Back when I was a vintage clothing-loving teenager, coveting a bona fide flapper dress, there was one thing I didn’t figure on: old-fashioned fabrics aren’t so breathable.

In present-day Toronto, attired in a dream of a 1920s dress, I am mortified to realize as I resume my place for the umpteenth take of a dance scene in Frankie Drake Mysteries that the sweat smell I detect is coming from me. Continue reading.