Comments and queries for the week of October 5

I didn’t think I would like [The Bletchley Circle: San Franscisco] as much as I do. I thought it would be watered down version of the original. But I’m glad to say I’m wrong. It is a great new show. Thanks, A.R.! —John

When and where will we be able to see this in the USA? Thanks. —Debbie

Hi Debbie. The Bletchley Circle is available in the U.S. via BritBox.

I have just finished the second episode of The Great Canadian Baking Show. I am a fan of the British Show which I have been watching for a couple of years now. Could you tell me what the requirements are for getting on this show and how does one go about applying to get on the show? —Barb

Thanks for contacting us. When Season 3 casting is open for Baking Show we’ll let you know.

I enjoy many of the characters on Murdoch Mysteries but the character of William Murdoch attracted me and Yannick Bisson drew me into the show. The episodes featuring others can be interesting but generally are for one-time viewing. Episodes featuring William Murdoch are more powerful, interesting and worth repeat views. —Santa

Julia’s constant changing of specialities, always having to be right and stubbornness is getting old. William is who she fell in love with, but she is constantly berating him for being who he is. Control, not love. Sick of her attitude. —Diana

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