Preview: Detective Watts is a suspect on Murdoch Mysteries

We Murdoch Mysteries fans have got it pretty good. While many, many television series are cancelled after just weeks or months, we’ve gotten 12 seasons of William Murdoch and his adventures. Over that time we’ve fallen in love with the main characters. We’ve cheered for the good guys and jeered at the bad guys. It’s been a lot of fun seeing the lads and ladies inside and outside of Station House No. 4 in a variety of serious, deadly, hilarious and offbeat scenarios. And Monday’s standalone instalment was certainly offbeat.

I was appalled at the emails and comments on social media denouncing last week’s Halloween episode, “Sir. Sir? Sir!!” Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, but heading online to spew insults at those involved in the show is out of line. To all of those people who have, in the last week, threatened to stop watching: go ahead. I won’t miss you. And learn some manners.

To the cast, crew and writing staff of Murdoch Mysteries: bravo for challenging the status quo and creating interesting tales for these characters to run around in. I appreciate it, and millions of other viewers do too.

As for Monday’s new instalment, “Brother’s Keeper,” here’s what the CBC has said officially:

When Watts (Daniel Maslany) kills a man in self-defence and Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) uncovers the victim’s criminal past, questions surround Watts’ story.

And here is some additional info I gleaned from watching a preview of the episode, written by Paul Aitken and directed by Craig David Wallace.

Detective Watts in the bomb
He showed up in our lives slightly dishevelled and a little scatterbrained, but Watts has shambled his way into my heart. I’m so glad Daniel Maslany has gotten increased airtime on Murdoch because Watts brings a lot to the table. He’s a little off-kilter at times, but he’s as brilliant as William. On Monday, we’re treated to a completely different side of Watts, with Aitken’s script giving Maslany the opportunity to really show off his acting talent. (Speaking of different sides, check out Maslany’s other CBC program, Four in the Morning. It’s weird and wonderful.)

Miss Hart is put out
A cop killing someone is huge, so William asks Julia to oversee the morgue, leaving Miss Hart less than thrilled. Understandable, of course.

Higgins is still married…
And the Higgins-Newsomes are adjusting to life without the finer things. Higgins is suffering from a serious lack of sleep, which may explain what he does to Murdoch just 11 minutes into “Brothers Keeper.”

John Brackenreid returns
Fans have been asking, and Aitken comes through. Turns out John has a real nose for investigations.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


8 thoughts on “Preview: Detective Watts is a suspect on Murdoch Mysteries”

  1. Very well said about those who didn’t like the standalone episode and attacked the creators rather than simply say it wasn’t their style.

    I personally found it hilarious, if atypical.

  2. i am 85 yrs old and i loveddddddthe monday show i watched it 3 times so far hats off to all the cast & crew

  3. Thanks Greg, but don’t worry we can take it. Lots of people get angry when we get serious too.

  4. I thought last week’s episode was a nice change of pace, with lots of laugh out loud moments. Obviously some people don’t have a sense of humour.

  5. A brilliant team of writers actors etc ,would love to have been a fly on the wall ,when they were rehearsing the hand signs ,it was meant to be a comedy skit ,had me smiling for a while afterwards. Loved it

  6. Detective watts is a rising star. They’re developing his character very well. As I was a bit sceptic about it first but now I see the potential. Really liking the development. Good actor for it too.

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