Preview: Murdoch Mysteries features a ripped-from-the-headlines case

Unlike the Halloween episode of Murdoch Mysteries—which deeply divided new and old fans alike—last week’s instalment, “Brothers Keeper,” was a major hit. Viewers loved getting a peek into Det. Watts’ backstory and were impressed by Daniel Maslany’s performance. One reader thinks he should be nominated for a Canadian Screen Award, and I agree. (Read my interview with Daniel if you haven’t already.)

As for Monday’s new episode—note that on November 19 the show is pre-empted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize—it appears Murdoch Mysteries is going with a rare ripped from the headlines-inspired tale. Here’s what the CBC has revealed as the main storyline for “Drowning in Money,” written by Noelle Girard and directed by Alison Reid.

When a wealthy, high society couple is found drowned in their pool in an apparent double suicide, Murdoch suspects murder.

And here are a few more tidbits I can reveal after watching a screener.

Is “Drowning in Money” based on a real-life case?
It certainly appears the deaths of Franklin and Louise resembles the current investigation into the case of Barry and Honey Sherman. Their deaths were first thought to be a suicide, only to be deemed a double-murder. I’ll be speaking with writer Noelle Girard and will confirm this.

A newish Newsome
OK, we were introduced to Effie Newsome (Clare McConnell) when she and Crabtree met at the Henry and Ruth’s nuptials. Effie is representing a cousin of hers who is suing Crabtree for faulty brake work done on his car.

John Brackenreid in love?
When he’s not working the murder case with Murdoch, Crabtree and Watts, John is speaking with Persephone (Hannah Endicott-Douglas), a daughter of the deceased. They do make a super-cute couple.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


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  1. Some of the episodes were so stupid I could not watch them eg the alien show Hope the story lines get better or I will find something else to watch.

  2. Would really like to see a filming of Murdoch Mysteries,is it possible to be notified if they are filming in the Hamilton area

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