Preview: Murdoch Mysteries spotlights Brackenreid in “Secrets and Lies”

After a week off to celebrate Canadian literature with the Scotiabank Giller Prize, Murdoch Mysteries returns with “Secrets and Lies,” a very Inspector Brackenreid-centric instalment.

Here’s what the CBC has released with regard to an official synopsis:

When Brackenreid leaves Toronto to help an old friend find a missing woman, he learns he’s a lot closer to the case than he thought.

And here are more tidbits I gleaned after watching a screener for the episode, written by Peter Mitchell and directed by Leslie Hope.

What is Thomas up to?
The episode starts in disarray. Thomas Brackenreid is looking for someone, but it’s not clear who they are and what their relationship to him is. Not only that, it’s not even obvious where the good Inspector is. It’s all pretty unsettling. And then, well, what he says just past the four-minute mark will cause your jaw to drop.

John and Margaret put in an appearance
With Brackenreid at the centre of “Secrets and Lies,” it makes sense that his son and wife would be part of the storyline. It’s always nice to see Charles Vandervaart and Arwen Humphreys on-screen. Look for Raven Dauda, Shailene Garnett and Masa Lizdek in guest roles.

Meanwhile, at Station House No. 4 …
… Murdoch and Crabtree become more concerned as the hours tick by and the Inspector remains unaccounted for.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


5 thoughts on “Preview: Murdoch Mysteries spotlights Brackenreid in “Secrets and Lies””

  1. Can this dreadful website just get it over with and rename itself the “Murdoch Mysteries Fan-page?” Seriously, is this even journalism, or just nonsensical interviews about the aforementioned, and the less impressive Frankie Drake Mysteries (which would be taking no great stretch to rename itself “The Great Missed Opportunity.” Honestly, this website really needs to start pulling its punches and discussing other Canadian TV shows, or at the very least looking at the ones it does under a more critical lens, lest it fall even further into sycophantic drivel that is already is! Shame!

    1. Hey Gary, thanks for your comment. I’ll be covering a bunch of new and returning shows next month and in January. Look for Kim’s Convenience, Schitt’s Creek, Burden of Truth, Frontier and Travelers, just to name a few. We recently covered the first season of Bletchley Circle and Season 2 of Bad Blood. You’re not a fan of Murdoch and Frankie Drake, but a lot of folks are and come to this site to get exclusive interviews and information on both.

  2. In fairness, Murdoch is the number one rated Canadian Drama, hence high interest. Kudos to TV-eh for letting people in on the inside so to speak.

  3. thanks for the heads up. Not looking forward to an episode where the action is not around the Murdoch-Ogden duo, especially her. I feel in many ways that Helen Joy’s talent is so under used in many episodes. In the early years she was more involved in solving Murdoch cases with him and the Station 4 team. Now what is she? A coroner? no. the spotlight is on Violet Hart when I thought she was supposed to be the villain. Julia barely makes an appearance in the morgue where she was so good. I loved Emily Grace but I was so glad to see Julia return to the morgue. A psychiatrist? barely anymore. Now a surgeon, but how many episode can there be focusing on Julia in the operating room? Not very fascinating. A homemaker? Certainly not. The first episodes of this season were excellent up until the focus on Watts and now it seems the season is fizzling. I even liked the Halloween episode when most people disliked it. I like Brakenreid as part of the team but not as the center of attention, same as Watts. I am sure many people will disagreed but from my point of view they seem to be running out of ideas to make the show interesting. May be the end of the line for that show. I may not even watch this episode. But to each his own and this must be respected. Again thanks for the warning.

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