Jann, Season 1

From Tony Wong of the Toronto Star:

Link: Jann Arden’s narcissistic alter ego shines in CTV’s Jann
For Jann Arden, it was life colliding with fiction, making it an almost impossible scene to shoot.

In her CTV television series Jann, a show loosely based on her own life, writers had recreated the moment when her mother, who died from Alzheimer’s in December, first got diagnosed with the debilitating disease. Continue reading.

From Eric Volmers of the Calgary Herald:

Link: Typecast? Calgary singer Jann Arden plays a strange version of herself in new CTV sitcom
“It’s interesting and I think it’s a very contemporary story, where it allows me to just be a very fluid person and make decisions just based on who I like and nothing else.” Continue reading.

From Eric Volmers of the Calgary Herald:

Link: Actress Deborah Grover on the emotional journey of playing Jann Arden’s mother
“All of that was so present in me, in terms of the journey she had taken with her mom. So, yeah, short answer: It was a huge responsibility. But Jann never made me feel that.” Continue reading.

From Glenn Sumi of Now Toronto:

Link: TV review: CTV’s Jann is a biting entertainment industry satire
But Jann Arden has the kind of presence, innate comic timing and acting skills that go beyond stunt casting. Her new TV show, Jann, is the real deal: a funny, biting satire about the entertainment industry that isn’t afraid to make fun of its star. Continue reading.

From Daniel Ball of Eat North:

Link: One day in Calgary: actor Ryan Northcott
“A lot of the time, the people you’re working with on set are pretty guarded, but Jann was super down to earth.” Continue reading.

From Bill Brioux of Brioux.tv:

Link: REVIEW: Jann is F—in’ hilarious
Just like The Beatles, Arden is called upon to play a heightened version of herself in Jann, premiering Wednesday on CTV. She throws herself into the role – physically throws herself into it – in the very first episode. She has a scene in the snow that’s Lucille Ball-level slapstick-y. Continue reading.

From David Friend of The Canadian Press:

Link: ‘I’ve never felt more empowered’: Jann Arden on her TV show, relationships and the future
Jann Arden is having a moment.

It’s about a week before her 57th birthday and her new comedy series “Jann,” which debuts Wednesday on CTV, is already looking like a success. Network executives seem pleased with the first season, and social media response to a preview of its debut episode is solid. Continue reading. 

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Jann Arden on using Jann to help normalize sexual identity
When you are given a platform for your voice to be heard, it’s how you choose to use it that truly matters. Canadian legend Jann Arden is choosing to make hers count and use it for good through her new CTV sitcom JANN. Continue reading.


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  1. Just watched the second episode of “Jann” and absolutely LOVE the reference to “Grey Gardens” regarding Jann’s mom moving in with her. bahahaha!

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