A woman stands in a prison cell.

Comments and queries for the week of March 22

I have been looking forward to Jann Arden doing comedy for a long time. Her bits during concerts, etc., are absolutely gut busting. I still think she should try her hand at being a stand up comedian. —Byron

She did a couple episodes of Workin’ Moms, as the mother of one of the leads. She was amazing. So happy for her!! —Chris

Really looking forward to Jann’s TV show. I’ve had a crush for her since forever. —Steve

I didn’t see the premiere of [The Big Downsize], I only found the show after a mention in The Chronicle Herald. Neither my husband or myself enjoyed Episode 2; in most series you get a lead up to help you understand the whats and whys of the program. All we saw was someone packing away stuff with no suggestions for recycling, donating, selling, etc. Definitely won’t PVR this show. —Susan

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