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CBC announces first round of renewals for the 2019-20 season

From a media release:

As Canadian Screen Week kicks off and CBC celebrates 236 nominations at the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards, the national public broadcaster is confirming an initial round of original scripted and unscripted renewals for the upcoming 2019-20 season on CBC and the CBC Gem streaming service. To date, 17 titles across drama, comedy, factual, arts and documentary programming have been confirmed to return, with additional renewals across all genres and content areas to be announced later this spring.

Returning series for 2019-20 confirmed to date are as follows:

  • ANNE WITH AN E (Season 3, 10×60, Northwood Entertainment)*
  • BARONESS VON SKETCH SHOW (Season 4, 10×30, Frantic Films)*
  • BURDEN OF TRUTH (Season 3, 8×60, ICF Films, Entertainment One and Eagle Vision)
  • CBC ARTS: EXHIBITIONISTS (Season 5, 26×30, CBC Arts)
  • CBC DOCS POV (Season 5, 18×60)
  • CORONER (Season 2, 8×60, Muse Entertainment, Back Alley Films and Cineflix Studios)
  • THE DETECTIVES (Season 3, 8×60, WAM Media GRP Inc.)
  • DRAGONS’ DEN (Season 14, 10×60, CBC)*
  • FRANKIE DRAKE MYSTERIES (Season 3, 10×60, Shaftesbury)
  • THE GREAT CANADIAN BAKING SHOW (Season 3, 9×60, Proper Television)*
  • HEARTLAND (Season 13, 10×60, Seven24 Films and Dynamo Films)
  • IN THE MAKING (Season 2, 8×30, White Pine Pictures)
  • KIM’S CONVENIENCE (Season 4, 13×30, Thunderbird Entertainment)*
  • MURDOCH MYSTERIES (Season 13, 18×60, Shaftesbury)
  • THE NATURE OF THINGS (Season 59, 18×60)
  • SCHITT’S CREEK (Season 6, final season – 14×30, Not A Real Company Productions Inc.)*
  • STILL STANDING (Season 5, 13×30, Frantic Films)*

*Previously announced as returning

CBC is celebrating 236 nominations at the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards, a new record for the national public broadcaster. ANNE WITH AN E and SCHITT’S CREEK each received 15 nominations – the most for any scripted series this year. THE NATURE OF THINGS was honoured with 21 nominations and CBC DOCS POV received seven. Other returning titles that were nominated include: BARONESS VON SKETCH SHOW (5), FRANKIE DRAKE MYSTERIES (5), THE GREAT CANADIAN BAKING SHOW (5), MURDOCH MYSTERIES (5), STILL STANDING (4), IN THE MAKING (3), THE DETECTIVES (2), BURDEN OF TRUTH (1) and DRAGONS’ DEN (1).


18 thoughts on “CBC announces first round of renewals for the 2019-20 season”

  1. Happy to see Burden of Truth, Coroner, Baroness and Kim’s are coming back. I thought burden of truth was very good this year. Hope Street Legal and Diggstown will return too. Also glad for The Nature of Things and the documentary showcase! We need these more than ever!

  2. Heartland is the best family show on TV anywhere in the world. Oh wait, you can see it anywhere in the world! Congrats on the 13 th season and to GrahamWardle , in top three of Audience Choice Of CdnScreenAwards.

  3. So happy to hear that Coroner is coming back. ….LOVE that new series! Too bad there are only 8 episodes.

  4. I’m happy Anne with an E and and Heartland are returning but I’m worried about Workin’ Moms, Diggstown and Street Legal which are all shows I really like. I know ratings aren’t great though but they should be better. I’m also hoping that Northern Rescue finds success when it finally airs on broadcast.

    I’m really enjoying the CBC Gem app but I wish it was available on Roku. I’m tired of watching it on my computer and for some reason my phone won’t mirrorcast to my to nor will my laptop which is frustrating.

  5. Murdoch Mysteries: For me, season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries was not outstanding, not by a long shot, compared to some past excellent seasons, to the point that I doubted that the series would be renewed. Realizing that not all episodes are a hit and a hit with everyone, I do hope that season 13 will somehow redeem season 12, at least for me, even if I have to endure Watts (he had enough focuses to now stay in the background). I wish they could give Julia a more substantial presence side by side with Murdoch, as in earlier seasons, instead of ‘just’ being his wife, but I fear my expectations may be too high.

    1. I absolutely agree with you, I also would like to see more of Henry and George, they bring the humor to the show.

  6. I really enjoy street legal. I hope it comes back for at least a half season or full season. Best show I have seen in a long time on cbc

  7. I love Murdoch Mysteries and Still Standing (Jonny Harris…what’s not to love?!)

    So happy with the return of Street Legal and I think Workin Moms is one of the best shows on TV. Fingers crossed for their renewals as well. 🤞

  8. Season 13 Murdoch Mysteries is great news! All seasons were interesting with diverse subjects and wonderful acting. I hope that next season the main characters of the show, Detective Murdoch and his beloved wife Dr. Ogden, will return to joint investigations and be in the center of the plot!

  9. Diggstown really has to be renewed! Great ensemble cast, wonderful cinematography, nice writing and compelling narratives and a fresh and interesting setting. Bring on Season 2!

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