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Comments and queries for the week of May 17

How do I get the recipes [for Mary’s Kitchen Crush] to run off on the computer? —Karen

I really love your show. I would like to be able to get some of your recipes, especially the warm kale salad you did on May 12th show. —Elizabeth

Looking for the recipe for the warm oven roasted kale salad. I would love to serve at a dinner party this coming weekend. I enjoy watching the show on Sunday evenings. —Claudette

This is just a sample of the emails we’ve gotten from hungry folks who want to make Mary Berg’s recipes. You can find them all on CTV’s web page for Mary’s Kitchen Crush.

A man and woman stand at a wedding altar.

We’ve seen where the Murdochs, the Brackenreids, and George live, but not where Henry and Ruth are now living since she’s lost her fortune. It would be fun to see a reversal in their financial situation, perhaps related to monies earned from the publication of Adventures of a Young Woman Abroad, a book she doesn’t want Henry to know about. —Mary


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