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Production underway on new CTV Life Channel original culinary series, Mary Makes It Easy

From a media release:

CTV Life Channel, in association with Boat Rocker Studios, Unscripted through Proper Television, announced today that production has begun on new culinary series MARY MAKES IT EASY. Hosted by Canada’s culinary sweetheart Mary Berg, Canadian Screen Award-winner for Best Host, Lifestyle for CTV Original series MARY’S KITCHEN CRUSH, the new series for CTV Life Channel consists of 25 half-hour episodes, including a holiday special.

For Berg, cooking is life. Making and serving delicious food for friends and family is how Berg expresses her love for them. It’s also how she connects with fans and followers around the world who might need some help with their own cooking adventures.

Filming in Toronto at Berg’s home kitchen, MARY MAKES IT EASY follows Berg as she provides tips, tricks, and recipes to solve every day cooking woes. From ideas on what to make with a fridge full of leftovers, to lackluster chicken emergencies, Berg takes viewers through simple solutions, and leaves them with a newfound confidence to overcome any challenges they encounter on their culinary journey.

As part of the new series, Berg wants to know what cooking questions Canadians need answered. With submissions now open at AskMary.ca, people have the opportunity to send their inquiries to Berg, with some questions to be featured on MARY MAKES IT EASY.

Berg has spent most of her life cooking and baking for those she loves, and building a strong appreciation for the connective powers of beautiful, home-cooked food. Berg is the Canadian Screen Award-winner for Best Host, Lifestyle for MARY’S KITCHEN CRUSH, a CTV Original series. MARY’S KITCHEN CRUSH is a Canadian Screen Award-winner for Best Lifestyle Program or Series, and is currently sold in more than 100 countries. Berg is also the Season 3 winner of CTV’s MASTERCHEF CANADA, as well as a cooking expert on YOUR MORNING, THE SOCIAL, and THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW on CTV. Best-selling author of Kitchen Party: Effortless Recipes for Every Occasion, Berg is currently working on her second cookbook, which is set to be released in fall 2021.

MARY MAKES IT EASY is produced by Boat Rocker Studios, Unscripted through Proper Television, in association with CTV. Cathie James, Allison Grace, and Lesia Capone serve as Executive Producers and David Donohue as Series Producer.


Comments and queries for the week of June 21

Sorry, but must admit I can’t stand [Mary’s Kitchen Crush], or rather the chef. I am not doubting Mary’s talents and ability, but her personality is a definite turn-off. Also, what young mother or dad can arrive home after a difficult day at work and try to prepare a nutritious several course supper for their family and look perfectly calm while trying to rush back out the door to take their children to their sporting activities? —Bev

A man looks into the camera.

All right! Family Feud Canada! I hope it’ll be good. And I hope we’ll have Celebrity Family Feud Canada, The Price is Right Canada, Wheel of Fortune Canada, Jeopardy Canada, The X Factor Canada, The Voice Canada, The Wall Canada, Name That Tune Canada, Survivor Canada, Dancing with the Stars Canada, Celebrity Big Brother Canada, The Dating Game Canada, Take Me Out Canada, The Chase Canada and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Canada. Bring back Supermarket Sweep Canada, Canadian Idol and Canada’s Got Talent.David

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Comments and queries for the week of May 17

How do I get the recipes [for Mary’s Kitchen Crush] to run off on the computer? —Karen

I really love your show. I would like to be able to get some of your recipes, especially the warm kale salad you did on May 12th show. —Elizabeth

Looking for the recipe for the warm oven roasted kale salad. I would love to serve at a dinner party this coming weekend. I enjoy watching the show on Sunday evenings. —Claudette

This is just a sample of the emails we’ve gotten from hungry folks who want to make Mary Berg’s recipes. You can find them all on CTV’s web page for Mary’s Kitchen Crush.

A man and woman stand at a wedding altar.

We’ve seen where the Murdochs, the Brackenreids, and George live, but not where Henry and Ruth are now living since she’s lost her fortune. It would be fun to see a reversal in their financial situation, perhaps related to monies earned from the publication of Adventures of a Young Woman Abroad, a book she doesn’t want Henry to know about. —Mary


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Comments and queries for the week of May 3

Where does Mary Berg get her wardrobe? I really loved her white dress with purple and green flowers with Ben Mulroney interviewed her on eTalk. I really like Mary’s fresh take on healthy, delicious recipes. —Marmac

When will you put the recipes on the Internet for everyone to try? It is hard to get the exact measures from her on TV. —Donna

My wife and I watch your show. We will look for your next. By the way, we enjoyed it. —The Cooks

Recipes please!!! —Yvonne

You can get all of Mary’s recipes on the Mary’s Kitchen Crush show page.

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Mary’s Kitchen Crush showcases Mary Berg’s cooking skills and heart

When I first met Mary Berg, it was to shadow her during her MasterChef Canada Season 3 audition. As we spoke that day, I was struck by her enthusiasm and passion for food, and her humour. She went on to show that during MasterChef Canada, eventually winning Season 3. We reconnected during the filming of Berg’s first television series, Mary’s Kitchen Crush, and she hasn’t changed one bit.

Debuting on Sunday at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CTV, Mary’s Kitchen Crush has Berg’s touches all over it, from the recipes she makes—three to four originals per episode inspired by someone who has made a meaningful impact on her life—to the show’s set, sprinkled with photos and other personal items. In the first episode, it’s Berg’s mother, Myra, who arrives to enjoy the fruits of her daughter’s labour via an herb and garlic stuffed lamb tenderloin with oven-roasted asparagus, garlic and herb flatbread, and a strawberry-rhubarb galette for dessert.

“The reason I did catering was that I just wanted to share my food with people outside of my own kitchen,” Berg says during a break in filming last year. “The fact that I get to share my recipes with people through different avenues is really exciting.”

The program’s production company, Proper Television, is smart to let Berg be her charming, geeky self, madly waving her arms around (and uttering some truly bad jokes) as she creates tasty plates that are accessible and easy for home cooks. Thirty episodes of Mary’s Kitchen Crush were filmed—with a total of roughly 145 recipes—over a two-month production schedule.

“I’m a little bit of a Type-A personality and a control freak,” Berg says with a laugh. “It was basically me sitting in a barcalounger at my cottage writing and working.” Berg wrote all of the recipes, tested about half herself and tested the rest with the show’s culinary team. The goal is for the recipes to work and for viewers to actually make them. And while she loves nothing better than to spend an entire Sunday tweaking a recipe, Berg knows home cooks simply don’t have that time.

“All of the recipes for this show, and anything that I’m developing in general, I think, ‘Could my mother do this?'” Berg says. “She’s not great in the kitchen, and if Myra Berg can do it anybody can do it.”

Mary’s Kitchen Crush airs Sundays at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

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