A woman faces the camera, smiling.

Comments and queries for the week of June 21

Sorry, but must admit I can’t stand [Mary’s Kitchen Crush], or rather the chef. I am not doubting Mary’s talents and ability, but her personality is a definite turn-off. Also, what young mother or dad can arrive home after a difficult day at work and try to prepare a nutritious several course supper for their family and look perfectly calm while trying to rush back out the door to take their children to their sporting activities? —Bev

A man looks into the camera.

All right! Family Feud Canada! I hope it’ll be good. And I hope we’ll have Celebrity Family Feud Canada, The Price is Right Canada, Wheel of Fortune Canada, Jeopardy Canada, The X Factor Canada, The Voice Canada, The Wall Canada, Name That Tune Canada, Survivor Canada, Dancing with the Stars Canada, Celebrity Big Brother Canada, The Dating Game Canada, Take Me Out Canada, The Chase Canada and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Canada. Bring back Supermarket Sweep Canada, Canadian Idol and Canada’s Got Talent. —David

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