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Amazing Race Canada shocker: And the final three teams are…

Which three teams will be in The Amazing Race Canada season finale next week? Nova Scotia was the battleground to decide that in Tuesday’s newest episode.

It’s safe to say this has been one of the most controversial seasons of the franchise thanks to Dave and Irina. I got quite a few emails from fans who were outraged at their moves. It is a bit of a shock to see a team so intent on winning, but with so much at stake, I think I’d have done the same thing. They, along with Anthony and James, Lauren and Joanne and Sam and Sarah, were all fighting for the Top 3 spots.

Dave and Irina led the charge out of Thunder Bay, Ont., to Wolfville, NS. There, they located the Tangled Garden gallery and tea room, the site of their next clue. In the Road Block, one team member was tasked with tasting and identifying the ingredients in jams and jellies made in-house. Dave, Lauren, Sarah and Anthony all tackled the test at hand. (Credit to the show producers for focusing on Anthony’s sniffing skills and unique tasting routine.) Sarah’s athlete’s diet of chicken, rice and broccoli wasn’t helping her (she only got two of seven correct at first) while the others were getting five out of seven. It was Anthony and his cultured palate that completed the test first, and made sure he covered his answers so Dave couldn’t look at them. Dave got it right on his next try, followed by Joanne and Sarah.

A man and woman pick through apples.Anthony and James got going on the windy roads to an apple stand to score their next clue. In the Detour, teams chose either Puck (playing sledge hockey at Acadia University) or Apples (sorting and identifying 12 apple types at Noggins Corner Farm Market). Anthony and James had no idea what sledge hockey was, but opted for that over sorting apples. Was it the wrong choice? Dave and Irina chose Apples because it appeared to be the easier task, as did Joanne and Lauren. Meanwhile, Sarah and Sam picked Pucks too.

Both Detours proved to be difficult. After many tries, Anthony and James scored their next clue, which led them to TapRoot Farms. Once there, they had to back up their truck, gather up song lyrics and put them in the right order to construct “Farewell to Nova Scotia.” After that, teams delivered beer to The Church Brewing Company and performed the tune.

Back at the orchard, Lauren and Joanne and Dave and Irina were having no luck at all. Neither were Sarah and Sam, who got oh-so-close a couple of times on the ice. Finally, they scored on lucky No. 13 and moved on. Lauren and Joanne successfully sorted their apples, leaving Dave and Irina amid the trees. They finally got it but were in last place. Would Nova Scotia be Dave and Irina’s downfall?

A woman and man read directions.Out on the field, Anthony and James were chugging along, collecting lyrics and piecing them together. They completed the song lyrics as Sarah and Sam arrived. On the road to the brewery, each duo learned “Farewell to Nova Scotia,” giving us several opportunities to enjoy these teams we’ve watched race all summer. The singing was made a lot easier by the fact the Racers were allowed to read the words, but still. Joanne’s meticulous driving allowed Dave to catch up. And, as he spun around the field collecting words Joanne faltered and made mistakes. The result? Both teams were scrambling to get the lyrics in the correct order at the same time. Joanne and Lauren got it first, but Dave and Irina didn’t give up.

The Pit Stop of Tuesday’s Leg of the Race was a British phone box located at Luckett Vineyards. It seemed like an almost impossible task to locate Jon from just a photo. Thankfully, an information booth was just outside the brewery. Anthony and James departed in first place. Sarah and Sam finished at the brewery next and got directions from a passerby.

It was Anthony and James to scored the first spot in The Amazing Race finale, hopping on the mat and landing a trip to Singapore. Sarah and Sam showed that never giving up was key on the Race by placing second. Joanne and Lauren were in third place heading to the mat but neglected to write the directions they were given down. Dave, meanwhile, noted the sisters got lost often and hoped it would happen again. But it was’t to be, as the sisters arrived ahead of the married couple, eliminating one of the strongest teams ever from the competition.

Here’s how the teams finished this leg of the Race.

  1. Anthony and James
  2. Sarah and Sam
  3. Lauren and Joanne
  4. Dave and Irina (eliminated)

The Amazing Race Canada season finale airs next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

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24 thoughts on “Amazing Race Canada shocker: And the final three teams are…”

  1. Dave and Irina actually took losing pretty gracefully.

    Anthony and James seem to have perfect random skills for almost every episode except for French-speaking and now sledge hockey. Rare to see James get annoyed briefly.

    Both Detours were hard in their own way.

    Wasn’t too much of a fan of a sponsor being the last task (singing was nice but simple with the lyrics in front of you), though last week’s 17 hour bus ride just to fill up on some Shell gas was worse.

    Pretty funny everyone caught on to Dave’s copying this late in the game.

    I enjoyed Anthony’s musical sniffing time and the contrast of Joanne and Dave’s driving styles.

    3 BC episodes and with the finale, 3 Ontario episodes. I know allegedly Waterloo and Revelstoke were replacements but it’s still repetitive.

    Is there an After the Race special this year? They didn’t have one for Season 6.

    1. I think a lot of what Dave and Irina said was edited to appear more evil than they really were. A lot of what Dave said was bravado rather than mean, but it was made to look mean.

    2. Those two are being given way too much publicity. That is what they want and that is what they planned. And it’s working! I doubt that they weren’t in the race for the money. They like money just as much as anyone.

  2. Glad to see my Sask girls are still in. I hope for a non-Ontario leg next week. I’m actually watching this show for the first time in years because they have a Sask team. I’m still really annoyed/enraged that of the 144 contestants on the Amazing Race Canada, only two (Lauren and Joanne) were from Saskatchewan. I watched for the first two seasons but when a Sask pair failed to make it in by Season 3, I quit watching because there were already so many Ontario pairs who had been in (Western Canadians hate Ontario because they seem to get everything).

  3. Thank goodness….Dave and Irina lost me when she said they were better than any other person….she was consistently a snob and mocked another racer which shows her lack of grace and human compassion… happy to see them gone….FINALLY

  4. Sooo glad to see Dave and Irina gone. They mock other contestants crying, stole cabs, cheated by copying. Irina doesn’t do physical labour and the said they were the best. You can’t edit what they did and said. A pair of L****rs.

  5. I hope the producers of The Amazing Race Canada take note of the majority of the feedback from Canadians and never cast another couple like Dave & Irina.

    How many of you out there are like me and loved the original US TAR until Season 6 with Jonathan & Victoria and then of course Season 7 with Rob & Amber? Sure, short term the ratings went through the roof but it did lasting damage to the show. Now, US TAR is just a freak show (cross over with Big Brother and now even survivor) and I have long since abandoned it.

    If in episode 1 of season 8 of TAR Canada I see another couple like Dave & Irina then I am done with the show. Life is too short to spend with people like this.

    And that was not grace on the mat. They were trying to rehabilitate their image and just pure revisionism. We all saw what they did. For me, the way Irina mocked Aarthy at the airport shows who she really is. Absolutely unforgiveable.

  6. While I like a lot of people are happy that Dave and Irina are gone, having a sinister team made the show more enjoyable to watch, it added a love to hate angle to it all

  7. Last night’s episode was the best ever. I was so glad to see Dave & Irina eliminated. I have had no respect for them since the episode where Irina referred to her fellow competitors as “peasants”. She deserves to lose.

  8. I am glad they are gone as well. I stopped watching the show when there were no consequences to their cheating but now that they are gone I will watch the finale. I like to see people overcome challenges and figure out how to get it done, not to see them cheating and hear them insulting other competitors.

  9. Yay! Glad to see Dave and Irina have been eliminated, now I can watch again. Rude, nasty, cheaters. I had stopped watching because of them. I hope TAR doesn’t try to bring these two back for any future shows.

  10. Yayyyy so glad to see Dave and irina eliminated. Hated them both to the point I almost stopped watching this season. Cheaters and poor sports and so uncanadian in their approach . Now I will be happy with whoever wins.

  11. Live here in California and watch this version on Dailymotion . I actually like d this seasons Canadian version better …. well until Dave and Irina showed up. Perhaps his aggressive personality stems from being hit in the head a few too many times. As for Irina she needs to remember that beauty not only fades .. but it is skin deep. How can such a lovely person seem so ugly to so many many people. Perhaps after they watch the show they will both make needed changes to become better Canadians and indeed world citizens

  12. Dave and Irina are two of the nastiest, rudest, meanest, condescending bullies with few redeeming qualities in them. Why they have this inflated opinion about themselves is a real mystery. They are probably one of the most hateful creatures around

  13. Glad to see Dave/Irina eliminated. Anyone who takes multiple penalties on purpose doesn’t deserve to be in there. They took a spot from true fans who want to race, not take time penalties.

  14. Of course with all of us talking about Dave and Irina so much we probably will increase their chances of being on some kind of other reality show in the near future like Rob and Amber in the States … . Such titles as Dave and Irene have a baby .. or Christmas in Montreal with Dave and Irene come to mind

  15. They were so full of themselves. Delusions of grandeur, thought they were the best. The best doesn’t take penalties. I was done with her long before princess couldn’t jump in cold water. Dave might’ve had skills, but Irina was as useless as a bag of hammers. Their lack of humbleness was disgusting. They should’ve been eliminated the first time they took a penalty. Long overdue, but I’m so glad I don’t have to put up with them in the finale. I’ll be happy with any of these three teams winning.

  16. Dave is a pro fighter. He needs to work his opponent to psyche them out and instill doubt. Same strategy he employed on this show. I am disappointed they were eliminated as I connected with their competitive spirit as a contestant in a race. Did not agree with all decisions but I was racing from a couch, they weren’t. If they had led with Irina’s strategy to do what you know first with the apples instead of trying to match all at once, the outcome may have been different. They were the team to beat once the season got going. And yes they were gracious in defeat, while still proud and confident. The race was much more entertaining with them. Am cheering A & J on for the win!!

  17. Dave and Irina do not reflect the Canadian spirit of respect for others despite having differing opinions. So glad to see them gone. True Canadiana are left racing the “Amazing Race Canada”. GOOOOO CANADA!

  18. As a fan whose seen every season of USA Amazing Race Dave and Irine were the first team I’ve seen from Canada version to give the drama and entertainment the USA has. It’s very anti climatic now thr finale. The competiveness they had should put them on American version. For the haters you got to admit the finale will be more boring.

  19. I agree with previous comments about Dave and Irina and their “un-Canadian – like” behaviour. You can still be competitive and yet encourage others to shine without being a bunch of *ssholes. Honestly, @AmazingRaceCDA needs to re-evaluate their penalties time period. If there’s a challenge that’s taking 2 hours for almost everyone to do, then the penalty time should vary and add an hour. 2 hour challenge should should be 3 hours and so on. No one should take penalties as a “cop” out or to be used as an advantage. Another suggestion should be to maybe have 2 penalties max that are allowed to be taken so racers have to decide to use them carefully. Also stealing cabs or some form cheating, should have a 1 hour penalty automatically. I loved this show in the beginning when there was more fair play.

  20. I stopped watching when they should have been disqualified and the show ignored it.

    glad they did not end up winning.

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