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The Amazing Race Canada: And the winners are…

Dave and Irina’s elimination from The Amazing Race Canada meant the title truly was up for grabs. Love them or hate them (and many, many of you fell into the latter category), they were dominant all season long. So, would it be Andrew and James, Lauren and Joanne or Sarah and Sam who would race their way to cash, cars, trips and the title?

At first blush, it seemed like Anthony and James could take it. They, aside from Dave and Irina, struggled the least in challenges. And, despite a couple of emotional moments, kept their heads in tough times. But the sisters and athletes proved they were worthy too.

The final Leg of The Amazing Race Canada would be decided in Ontario’s cottage country. Here’s what went down.

Floatplanes delivered the final three teams to the lake-filled part of the province, with Port Carling in their sights. While Anthony and James and Sarah and Sam jockeyed for position in taxis in Toronto, Lauren dropped her clue, setting she and her sister back even further. Anthony and James scored the first plane, with the athletes nabbing the second. While those four took to the air, Joanne and Lauren were still grounded and back at the airport. After some help at the information booth, the siblings were skyward, but with a lot of time to make up.

A woman and man build a chair.A life-sized trivia game challenged teams to recall tests during each Leg of the Race. Answer all of the questions? Advance. This was a nice twist on the usual franchise memory game, with the added bonus of giving host Jon Montgomery some quality screen time. Anthony and James had completed two questions before Sam and Sarah arrived. They quickly tied the married couple at two apiece. Instead of sticking it out through the whole game, the producers’ editing suite took over, zipping Anthony and James ahead to their final question. They got it right and moved on.

In the Road Block, teams headed to Clevelands House Resort where one member strapped themselves to a hydro fly board. Once riding a pillar of water, they had to toss a bean bag into a target. James, Sam and Joanne all opted to go flying … and screaming. After much practising and numerous tries, James was the first to hit the target, followed by Sam, and then Joanne.

A boat ride to Rosseau Lake College was next, where teams had to build an eight-foot Muskoka chair, with a miniature version as their guide. Anthony’s builder background served him well, and they were off to the races. It took Sam a second or two to realize he was missing a key component of a drill—the bit—and then they started assembling. Lauren, still feeling badly for losing their clue at the airport, took charge. Anthony missed one screw, but it didn’t slow him down much and he and James departed first. Sam and Sarah were done next.

Two women build a chair.In the second Road Block, teams drove to Santa’s Village in Bracebridge. Once there, the team member who wasn’t on the water had to search for a themed candy cane to deliver to the big man himself for the gift of their next clue. Anthony found a red and yellow candy cane just ahead of Sarah.

Teams left Santa behind in favour of Bala, Ont., and Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh to set up an irrigation system for the farm’s cranberry marsh. There was a lot of running around, falling, and water, but James and Anthony stayed ahead of Sam and Sarah. But some missed connections threatened to derail them. It appeared both teams completed the task at the same time and it would be a footrace to the mat, located at Camp Mini-Yo-We.

It may have seemed close thanks to the editing, but it appeared Anthony and James cruised to victory. They thanked everyone who had helped them along the way. Sarah and Sam placed second, with Lauren and Joanne in third. As a finale, it was a little light on nailbiting drama, but it was a nice wrapup to a good season.

Here’s how the teams finished the final Leg of the Race.

  1. Anthony and James
  2. Sarah and Sam
  3. Joanne and Lauren

Are you happy with the results? What would you like to say to the winning team? Let me know in the comments below.


19 thoughts on “The Amazing Race Canada: And the winners are…”

  1. I appreciate they gave Kenneth a tribute since he passed away a few weeks ago.

    All the teams had pretty positive edits though Anthony and James are good winners. Of course they know how to build the chair, I half expected them to later say “We did undergrad studies in irrigation and plumbing.”

    I liked the trivia twist and playing against each other at the memory task. It felt like a good variety of tasks all around plus some clever editing with Joanne’s zen music failing to help her balance in the water and Sarah’s “Sam you’re a superhero!” Followed by his cowardly scream as he fell in. Little disappointed the racing order never shifted from the water plane order though, guess there was no major wiggle room.

    A decent season though I wouldn’t have sacrificed U-Turns for a One-Way they only used one episode. At least the Face Offs weren’t just common sports this time. And staying in Canada is a step backwards to me even if supposedly two were replacement legs for the Philippines and Turkey. Maybe next year.

    1. I loved that they stayed in our home and native land for every minute of the race. It kept me watching.

      1. I agree. This country is so vast and beautiful, and chock-full of nook and cranny villages and towns with interesting and sometimes eccentric cultural aspects that are always fun to discover and observe. This is the perfect show to show off all that Canada has to offer, and encourages more tourism, in my opinion. Keep the tourism dollars in our own country – so much to explore and easier on our carbon footprint!

        And huge congrats to Anthony and James; they were my favourites from the get-go, and never lost their tempers. or kindness, or smarts. They are quite the altruistic and accomplished duo. On to the next exciting season!

  2. That was the most emotional ending for me. I screamed, I laughed, then I cried because I was so proud of Anthony and James. They were positive, supportive and strong throughout the race and their personal views and convictions were some I share. Enjoy your win in good health, love and happiness!! Love from a fellow Edmontonian xo

  3. My family and I enjoyed season 7 tremendously except for the part where Dave cheated by looking over other participants’ finished board. To add insult to injury they were given air time to brag about their “trophies”! Producers please consider setting the rule that participants should at least attempt the task before taking the penalty. We are very happy Anthony and James are the winners. Congratulations.

  4. So very happy for Anthony and James, they seem to be so genuine and caring. And being a fellow Edmontonian I’m also proud!

  5. Very exciting. I am totally happy that Anthony and James won. It was also amazing to see the Saskatchewan girls hang in there. I loved this season.

  6. I was Anthony and James taxi driver for the last 3 stops. I picked them up after the muskoka chair and drove them for the afternoon and delivered them to the camp to finish with Jon. They are both amazing people and deserve the win. I sincerely hope their fame helps with their causes.

    1. Kudos to being a great taxi driver for these two awesome gentlemen!! We all know that a bad driver can make or break this race!

  7. Amazing Race does Canada proud!

    Incredible photography each season frames our beautiful land and treats the audience to the opportunity to see Canada in all its true glory. WOW…… what a fabulous place we all call home!

    Each season has reflected a true and accurate cross-section of interesting, diverse, kind and fun Canadians……all f them winners.

    Last but not least, my sincerest congratulations to this year’s winners, Anthony and James. With self-effacing humour, kindness to each other and everyone along the way, and tenacious effort to each challenge, they won with style. How appropriate an indiginous couple should finally win Amazing Race Canada! Anthony and James should be very proud of their achievement… is the rest of Canada. All the very best to them throughout their lives.

    From the perfect host, Jon Montgomery, who demonstrates warmth, wit and physical prowess in each episode, to each and every person, and sponsor, who makes Amazing Race Canada a reality each season, THANK YOU!!! Please keep doing what you do so well.

  8. I enjoyed that the race was held in Canada. There are so many hidden gems in this country that no one knows about, and this show educates viewers. I’ve been trying to see all parts of Canada and am always amazed at the beautiful landscape and people. I’d like to see the Magdelan Islands as part of the race. In terms of the winners , well done!!! It’s always so much better when nice, caring people win. They ran a great race. I always feel a little bad for second place as they are so very close, but I’m also pleased the top three teams were truly good sports. Great show!

  9. This was a fantastic season. Great scenery and such a fantastic view of our beautiful country. I was thrilled that James and Anthony won – they were very deserving and it was a joy to see them on the Amazing Race this season. I was cheering for them from the get go. Congrats to all top 3 teams – you were all amazing!

  10. Great show, excellent final episode. Only in Canada could such a stunningly appropriate finish occur. We are a diverse, inclusive, conscientious society, one which the rest of the world looks up to. And the show confidently portrays this. With one glaring exception: there was a lot of talk about role models, and, indeed plenty of contestants were outstanding role models throughout. But the show itself failed to be the paragon of sportsmanship it could and certainly should be. Endorsing cheating, in explicit detail, illustrates to viewers of all ages the precise opposite of being a good role model. In all other regards, the Amazing Race is a wonderful showcase of Canadian spirit.

  11. Very happy with the finale of this season’s race. The final three were great fun to watch and worthy of their spots. Congratulations Anthony and James! I really enjoyed that all the stages took place within Canada. I never missed a week.

  12. Too bad the sisters lost their clue. Being the underdawgs it wouldn’t have been a surprise if luck was with them guiding them to win the most important leg of the race. Couple of quotes that were memorable “unsalted butter!” and “rocking the fanny pack eh?” – lol. Hydro flyboards looked like fun! Congrats to the top 3. Until next season’s race ….. may it be just as entertaining as this season turned out to be.

  13. Just binge watched the last 5 episodes and loved every episode. Loved the final 3 teams, and huge congratulations to James & Anthony – so well played & well deserved the win 👍👍

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