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Comments and queries for the week of September 13

Hello! I have been watching The Amazing Race since it started and I REALLY ENJOY IT. BUT I have one thing that I think should be changed. Beside the first place prizes I think the second and third finishers should get a prize also. Like second place gets $50,000 and third gets $20,000. Because they do soooo much to get into two and three that they should get something for their hard work finishing there. Thank You —Lou

Great show, excellent final episode. Only in Canada could such a stunningly appropriate finish occur. We are a diverse, inclusive, conscientious society, one which the rest of the world looks up to. And the show confidently portrays this. With one glaring exception: there was a lot of talk about role models, and, indeed plenty of contestants were outstanding role models throughout. But the show itself failed to be the paragon of sportsmanship it could and certainly should be. Endorsing cheating, in explicit detail, illustrates to viewers of all ages the precise opposite of being a good role model. In all other regards, The Amazing Race is a wonderful showcase of Canadian spirit. —William

This was a fantastic season. Great scenery and such a fantastic view of our beautiful country. I was thrilled that James and Anthony won—they were very deserving and it was a joy to see them on The Amazing Race this season. I was cheering for them from the get-go. Congrats to all Top 3 teams—you were all amazing! —Chris

I enjoyed that the race was held in Canada. There are so many hidden gems in this country that no one knows about, and this show educates viewers. I’ve been trying to see all parts of Canada and am always amazed at the beautiful landscape and people. I’d like to see the Magdalen Islands as part of the race. In terms of the winners , well done!!! It’s always so much better when nice, caring people win. They ran a great race. I always feel a little bad for second place as they are so very close, but I’m also pleased the Top 3 teams were truly good sports. Great show! —Joanne

Amazing Race does Canada proud! Incredible photography each season frames our beautiful land and treats the audience to the opportunity to see Canada in all its true glory. WOW…… what a fabulous place we all call home! Each season has reflected a true and accurate cross-section of interesting, diverse, kind and fun Canadians……all of them winners. Last but not least, my sincerest congratulations to this year’s winners, Anthony and James. With self-effacing humour, kindness to each other and everyone along the way, and tenacious effort to each challenge, they won with style. How appropriate an Indigenous couple should finally win Amazing Race Canada! Anthony and James should be very proud of their achievement…..as is the rest of Canada. All the very best to them throughout their lives. From the perfect host, Jon Montgomery, who demonstrates warmth, wit and physical prowess in each episode, to each and every person, and sponsor, who makes Amazing Race Canada a reality each season, THANK YOU!!! Please keep doing what you do so well. —Michael

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  1. I was very happy to see James and Anthony win, but I would have been okay with either of the other 2 teams as well. I think changes need to happen about taking penalties – maybe increasing the length of the time incurred to deter competitors from opting for the easy option. With challenges where only 1 of the team members does the challenge, competitors should have to alternate these challenges so that both team members undertake the same number of challenges over the course of the race.

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