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Preview: Frankie Drake Mysteries, “No Friends Like Old Friends”

Frankie Drake Mysteries returns to CBC for Season 3, and a new showrunner. Peter Mitchell, a name Murdoch Mysteries fans know well, took over those duties from James Hurst, something the CBC revealed earlier this year.

Also, as previously announced by CBC, the third season of Frankie Drake Mysteries sees Frankie face a family secret while episodes bring her and the Drake Private Detectives team into the world of British aristocrats, illegal boxing, the supernatural and political fundraisers.

Of particular note in the press release sent by CBC was Honeysuckle Weeks—of Foyle’s War—would guest star. They didn’t reveal when, but I can: Episode 1. Here’s the official storyline for “No Friends Like Old Friends,” written by series co-creator Carol Hay and directed by Ruba Nadda.

After her wartime friend goes missing in London, Frankie must work with Agatha Christie to uncover the reason behind the disappearance.

And here are more details I gathered while watching the episode.

A woman stands, looking worried.A brand-new intro
Unlike Murdoch Mysteries, which has featured the same, iconic, opening credits, Frankie Drake shakes things up with a fun, animated refresh set to the series’ punchy soundtrack. I love it.

Frankie Drake goes overseas
If you follow Frankie Drake Mysteries or its cast on social media, you know the show spent time in England filming. The footage shows up in Monday’s return, as Frankie and her friend, Louise, tear around London on their motorcycles. Shaun Benson, most recently seen on Killjoys and The Boys, plays Louise’s husband. Louise isn’t the only old friend she reconnects with, which gives us a peek into Frankie’s wartime past.

Two women stand next to one another.Agatha Christie appears
Honeysuckle Weeks portrays the legendary mystery author, who hires Frankie to find Louise.

Chaos back home
While Frankie is on her adventure, Flo, Trudy and Mary are struggling with office issues. Trudy is good at many things, but plumbing is not one of them. Plumbing aside, she, Mary and Trudy provide key information into the case surrounding Louise’s disappearance.

Frankie Drake Mysteries airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on CBC.


5 thoughts on “Preview: Frankie Drake Mysteries, “No Friends Like Old Friends””

  1. This show was already exciting to watch– now we have Honeysuckle Weeks to look forward to? Yes!

  2. I really like Frankie Drake. The show could easily be formulaic but it has always managed to be comfortable yet surprising. I’m looking forward to the new season.

  3. I think this show could have been so much better than it is. I like the supporting cast but the lead is so modern and bland. And the stories are kind of a mess. Also, they keep changing the show runner so there are obviously problems behind the scenes. I wonder if they keep quitting or if they’re getting fired?

    I don’t really like Murdoch anymore either. Only maybe half the season has decent mysteries, the rest is really soapy. I only watch it because I still like the cast so much.

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