Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Parker in the Rye”

A new year is here and with it the remaining new episodes for Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries. When we last left them, William and Julia were on the outs after he learned she was behind the assisted death of a severely wounded young woman.

So, will the pair make up on Monday night? Here’s what the CBC has released as an official episode synopsis for “Parker in the Rye,” written by Dan Trotta and directed by Mars Horodyski.

Murdoch sends Parker undercover to investigate the brutal slaying of a whisky baron and his family.

And here are more tidbits of information from me after watching a screener.

Julia and William talk
It’s brief, it’s off the top of the episode and it shows things are definitely NOT all right between the pair.

Parker and Crabtree work the streets
I love this pairing. I do miss Higgins and Crabtree working the beat together, but seeing the city through Parker’s eyes has refreshed the series for me somewhat. And it’s always nice to have an American around to make queries about how we do things in Canada.

Julia shines
She may not know what’s going on with her relationship with William, but Julia knows how to talk, listen and offer reassurance. She uses all three when speaking with Jacob Quincannon, played by Sean Dolan. Their scene together is wonderfully tender and emotional.

Gord Rand returns to Murdoch Mysteries
Last seen in 2014’s “Blast of Silence” as Travis Macquire, Gord Rand is back, this time playing a very bad man named Leon Bronson.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


13 thoughts on “Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Parker in the Rye””

  1. Do we know what happens back at the hospital between Julia and that wimp Dixon or are we left to speculate for the rest of the season that Julia may have been unfaithful to William?

      1. How do you think it will play out? Does Julia cheat on William ? If so, maybe she becomes pregnant with Dixon’s child, would that completely destroy the show!

  2. Probably this episode will not please fans of the amazing couple Julia and William …

  3. It is sad to me that they appear to be on the verge of making religion the enemy of this season! For faith to come between William and Julia is tragic😱😭

    1. This is, sadly, a traditional approach of the MM writers. The true religion is about acceptance and forgiveness. What we see instead… makes my heart break. Yes, the writers want to depict the past, but enough is enough. The fandom notices the weird railroad with the bashing. This season is probably the most poisonous one.
      To fit the pattern, the character of Thomas Brackenreid was twisted and fans commented asking, how come in this episode Thomas deals with the same issue (that he previously had been much calmer about) in a totally uncharacteristic way?
      Whoever thinks that this is the proper route… is himself or herself bitter about religion for some personal reasons. Well… Sorry about that.
      I wish that person to find the necessary healing 💖 and may the script get more light that we all need nowadays 😔

    2. I agree, if they really want to test William’s faith, have him discover that a priest is molesting children. What would something like that do to someone like William Murdoch?Would he cover it up because he loves god so much. He covered for Julia a few times because of his strong love for her. Just a thought.

      1. Oh, they had a similar episode with William’s old mentor. There was another man, abusive towards orphans…

        Here, however, we saw a whole string of episodes making my MM-adoring friends tell me, “It’s like they want us to start hating William because of his faith and hate faith as such!”. I honestly couldn’t find any proof to prove them wrong…

        The soap opera with the probably unfaithful Julia got too far. Some fans even started writing things like, “Kill Julia off”.
        Things got nasty(( I just hope the writers won’t destroy their own show…

        1. I haven’t seen anything like kill Julia off. A fan spoke with me once and said they were in Kingston when the show was filming there. She saw the scenes they shot and said William and Julia were holding hands and flirting with each other. If Julia was unfaithful, then we probably won’t find out until the end of the season or maybe even next. I did hear that Johnny Harris is leaving the show.

          1. Johnny Harris is leaving the show ?
            Now, that would be a sad end to this once great show.
            He’s still the one bright spark in what has become nothing more than a rather dreary “soap opera”.

            Hopefully, the scripties will take note and get back to making REAL Murdoch Mysteries !

          2. I agree, Murdoch Mysteries at its best is when Julia and William are together and happy to be solving mysteries . Julia as a surgeon has nothing to to with murder mysteries. It has become a soap opera, the mysteries feel secondary now. If they split my favourite couple up that will most likely end it for me watching. You might as well change the name of the show to Murdoch Miseries.

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