Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Kill Thy Neighbour”

After the fun of last week’s Murdoch Mysteries episode “Fox Hunt,” this one definitely takes a dark turn. And it also seems to rehash some much-traipsed ground.

Here’s what the CBC has released for the main storyline for “Kill Thy Neighbour,” written by Mary Pedersen and Noelle Girard, and directed by Craig David Wallace.

Suspicions fall on Murdoch when his unpleasant neighbour is murdered.

And here are a few observations from me after watching a screener.

Paul Braunstein = big payoff
When I first spotted Paul Braunstein as Raymond Huckabee earlier this season, I knew fans were in for more than just a casual storyline. Braunstein, who has appeared on Baroness Von Sketch and Burden of Truth is just a little too high-profile for a small B-story. He created such a big—albeit annoying—character in Raymond that it would make sense an angry William could be accused of his death.

Murdoch is out of sorts
Due to some emergency work being done at the house, William and Julia are back at the hotel. A lack of sleep has made William grumpy, short-tempered, distracted and more than a little paranoid. Not good traits to have when you are accused of murder and need to keep calm.

Guests aplenty
Jonelle Gunderson, Marc Senior, Sebastian Spence, Bea Santos and Clare McConnell all stop by to play.

Walking a worn trail?
As soon as I read this week’s synopsis I thought, “Again??” I feel like every major Murdoch Mysteries‘ character has been accused of someone’s murder and spent time behind bars. Heck, wasn’t Julia there twice and William once already? Why go there again? After watching the instalment … I loved it. Mainly thanks to a certain guest who is integral to making this week’s murder mystery so appealing.

I well-planted Easter egg
Look for a nod to grip Joe Strazzeri around the 37-minute mark.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


6 thoughts on “Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Kill Thy Neighbour””

  1. Murdoch was in jail in seasons 10 and 11 for killing that dancer. Their are pictures of him in handcuffs.

    1. Whether you like the character or not, it’s a great acting credit for Bea Santos in creating Louise Cherry.
      Bear in mind, she is a single woman, in the early 1900’s, making her own way in a male dominated world.
      (Without the help of inherited money, a fine house or a husband.)
      Whatever one feels about Louise Cherry, I don’t believe she has murdered anyone.
      It would be interesting to know a little more about her.

  2. We watched this great episode with pleasure! The plot is interesting and not sad, there are funny moments. Pleased with a joint investigation of all your favorite characters, especially the participation of Julia. This beautiful actress makes the plot of any episode more interesting. Very good storyline with detective Fallows, which completes the story of this character in previous episodes. It was nice to see William and Julia again at the hotel they had lived in before. It is sad that the figurine of the pelican remained with Goldie’s neighbor. We look forward to the next episodes of season 13 and hope for season 14!

  3. It was good to see Inspector Brackenreid and the “lads” back at Station House 4, engaged in some serious sleuthing.
    This is what Murdoch Mysteries is all about !

    Was that just a weird camera angle, or just a rather large pretzel Detective Watts pulled out of his handkerchief ?

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