Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Rigid Silence”

A familiar face returns to Murdoch Mysteries this week. Yes, the former Chief Constable Giles, played by the always-great Nigel Bennett—his back and forth with William in “What Lies Buried” is amazing to watch—figures in Monday’s episode.

Here’s what the CBC has revealed about the main storyline, written by Murdoch author Maureen Jennings and directed by Shamim Serif.

When Murdoch and Ogden investigate a prison inmate’s suspicious suicide, they discover rival gangs in the jail.  

And here are more notes from me after watching the episode in advance.

Filming on location
Murdoch Mysteries filmed the prison scenes at the now-closed Kingston Penitentiary. Kudos to director Shamim Serif for capturing the feel of the old building and its wonderful architecture. That’s not the only area of Kingston, Ont., to be co-star. The market square area behind the city hall is prominently featured too. I laughed out loud at that what I think is a reference to the venerable Chez Piggy.

Margaret is back!
Also, keep an eye out for Shailene Garnett as Nomi Johnston, Adam Kenneth Wilson (formerly Jagger Brown) as Deputy Warden Brian Kelleher and Liisa Repo-Martell (who played Lydia Howland in a past instalment) as Bridget Mulcahy.

Meanwhile, in Toronto
Inspector Brackenreid has got his hands full with striking Bell Telephone Systems operators, and the cells are filling up. Not only that, but Nomi appears and shakes up his world.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


6 thoughts on “Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Rigid Silence””

  1. Your preview has me looking forward to this episode. Hurray for the writers bringing back former Chief Constable Giles. It was heartbreaking to see him remain in prison as George was freed at the end of Nolo Contendere. Ovation TV just started airing the thirteenth season; we are enjoying the episodes more a second time around.

  2. “Rigid Silence” is one of the best episodes so far in season 13. The jail gangs and the Bell Telephone strike were both powerful story lines. Margaret’s response to Nomi and Thomas was perfect.

  3. An exciting episode in the best traditions of the classic Murdoch. I really like new ideas for stories in the show like in this episode. For the first time, Julia and William are jointly investigating an unusual crime in Kingston Prison and this is very exciting. The episode is always great if this couple is in the center of the plot!
    The plot line of the further development of relations between the Inspector and his daughter is also interesting. Margaret made the right decision in this difficult family situation. This episode is commendable!

    1. I concur, an episode worthy of the Murdoch Mysteries that did not disappoint in the earlier seasons. I always hoped that Chief constable Giles would return, Nigel Bennett is excellent in the role, even if, in this episode he is a bit worn out from years in prison. I hope William and Julia will be able to help him. An episode I truly enjoy!

  4. Yes, this was a memorable episode in so many ways. Great writing , evocative locations , excellent acting and Julia and William using their respective skills to solve a crime together.
    If I may, I would like to highlight a further aspect that I found really pleasing. In many of the episodes this season I have found William to be angry, impatient, irascible and at times not very empathetic. In this episode, however, he was compassionate, willing to listen to others, and not at all pompous. Also, with a look, he showed his appreciation of Julia’s skills. Then I realised, that the episode was written by the author who created the character of William Murdoch. Thank you Maureen Jennings.

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