Comments and queries for the week of February 14

Many viewers are turned off by some of the fools that have been chosen as Family Feud Canada contestants. Who wants to see members act like jerks? Are they encouraged to act up and be obnoxious? Just tonight (Feb. 10 episode), the Brown family male members were totally obnoxious and behaved like arrogant fools. Who wants to watch a-holes like those brothers and not get to slap them on the back of their heads!

Some are the families are very normal and do not try to over-act like others. We assume producers are encouraging contestants to be exuberant and perform but some contestants are making Canadians look stupid. The Browns had a hint of karma when they never got to claim the $10,000 when Jerk No. 1 had such a high score that should have easily become a score of 200, but Jerk No. 2, being arrogant and cocky, struck out! Hopefully it knocked them down a few pegs and will act more normal, but the arrogant personalities of the males will probably win out and be jerks again.

Sorry to say that it will lose viewers with such arrogant contestants. Quit encouraging the over-acting! —Ken

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3 thoughts on “Comments and queries for the week of February 14”

  1. I disagree Ken. It is actually nice to see average Canadians on a show having fun, being themselves. I am so tired of our media’s lack of fun and entertainment in programming. Everything does not need to be a teaching or learning moment. There is nothing wrong with having a show like Family Feud Canada that is entertaining and mindless fun. i hope CBC does more of this, sort of what BBC does in the UK. BBC offers plenty of low brow and mainstream programming, in addition to the more exclusive “quality” programming. CBC should be more like this. This Hour Has 22 Minutes should have been cancelled about 3 years ago, no longer relevant, entertaining or funny. 22’s humour has become predictable and tiresome. CBC needs a new sketch comedy program badly!!

    Why would you be concerned about “Canadians looking stupid”? So what, some are stupid, it’s only a game show. I have seen many families that are actually very funny and seem like nice people. Some of the families have been a little clueless and don’t seem that bright. I guess it is a slice of life, and this has been missing from Canadian TV and something that is entertaining and has no agenda. Keep it up CBC, and watch your ratings improve!

  2. I agree that some of the contestants aren’t very bright, but what surprises me is the answers given by the 100 surveyed Canadians! Some of their answers are not what an average person would say. Do they give dumb answers in order to hinder the contestants? So many reasonable answers get X’d.

    Also, how could the Popeye question be a reasonable one as there could be only one correct answer. I ghink it was a promo stunt.

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