Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “In the Company of Women”

Girls rule! Boys drool! That was the first thing that popped into my head when I spotted images for Monday’s new episode of Murdoch Mysteries. As you can see above, that’s Effie Newsome, Louise Cherry and Dr. Julia Ogden looking very much like Charlie’s Angels as they strut Toronto’s cobbled streets.

Here’s what the CBC has released regarding “In the Company of Women,” written by Lori Singer and directed by Gary Harvey:

Ogden and Effie try to untangle the death of a hair salon owner that occurred outside Murdoch’s jurisdiction.

And here, as always, are more observations from me.

Lots of ladies …
In addition to Clare McConnell and Bea Santos, look for Carlyn Burchell (who previously appeared as Monique/Victoria in “Monsieur Murdoch”). It’s quickly established that Effie and Louise are at odds when it comes to a certain Constable George Crabtree. Could he have two women battling for his affections? Also, Hélène Joy shows her comedic side, which is always welcome.

… and a couple of gentlemen
Jesse LeVercombe returns as butcher Jack Walker, alongside one heck of a large pig named Atley. Jack Clarke appears as Detective Graham Irwin. Det. Irwin is in charge of the investigation because it falls outside, as mentioned above, of William’s purview.

Where’s William?
While his wife works on solving a crime, Detective Murdoch is busy at the station house, discussing exotic meals and assigning Watts a missing porker.

Julia vs. Violet
This is all I will say on the subject.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


11 thoughts on “Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “In the Company of Women””

  1. Will we get a pig as the episode’s main culprit? 🤔😊
    The latest episodes were great. May this one also be cool.
    Looking forward to Murdoch Monday!

  2. My family and I enjoyed watching this episode! A new unexpected and very interesting story in which investigations are conducted by three ladies under the leadership of Julia Ogden. It was intriguing, fun and without aggressive feminism. Of course, Helen Joy is a talented actress of a very high class, this episode once again proved it. Julia is very suitable for the work of a detective, best together with her husband, they complement each other well. Perhaps in the future the plot will continue in this direction.
    I really like in Murdoch Mysteries the appearance of new unexpected characters and plots, as well as the parallel development of several storylines. In this episode, there was a search for a giant Oscar pig, it was fun and exciting.
    We really hope that the final episodes of season 13 will not become traditionally sad, but rather will be optimistic. This will delight fans of this great show.

  3. So much was going on in this episode that I viewed it twice. It was fun watching the women interact to solve the murder case. That said, I wish that a professional had helped with the investigation–Freddie Pink. Hard to believe that Louise Cherry fell for the Teddy Davis character. I found myself agreeing with Violet Hart; Julia had no business being in the morgue.

    1. As you say, so much going on, it was definitely worth watching again.
      And I agree, that did seem slightly odd that Miss Cherry would fall for Teddy Davis.
      But, after that punch, he’ll probably think carefully about straying ………….
      It would be nice to see Freddie Pink sometime………….another single independent lady !
      But, I doubt Miss Pink and Mrs Murdoch would get along too well.
      Single, hard working lady vs uppity, moneyed Mrs Murdoch !

      We all know Violet Hart has a dark side.
      She got her position as Coroner, by hard work and possibly a little less than honest means.
      Who knows ?
      But it IS now Miss Hart’s morgue.
      Mrs Murdoch is so self absorbed , she has no respect for others.

      1. The writers have changed Julia’s character. She was more committed to causes such as family planning and women’s health. I’m surprised that with her connections and wealth she did not set up a clinic for the poor. Is her current behavior more realistic for a woman of her class at that time, or could she be a more vigorous advocate?

        1. Women philanthropists are a relatively unknown section of our history.
          But they have been around for 200+ years.
          Not always wealthy or connected.
          Although many women from the upper echelons of society did make huge contributions to the advancement of women, not just financially .
          Just caring, compassionate and committed women who assisted those in poorer circumstances than themselves.
          Qualities Miss Ogden/Mrs Murdoch has rarely shown.

  4. Two murders, a plot that kept me guessing, plus the Marvelous Murdoch Misses !
    Three single, independent women making their own way in what was still very much a man’s world.

    Miss Newsome. Clare McConnell always gives a great performance as Effie, but she was just awesome on that bicycle during the “chase” !
    Miss Cherry. Wow, that was some punch ! Possibly one of the bloodiest noses ever seen on MM.
    Miss Hart. Good to see her putting Mrs Murdoch firmly in her place.

    Meanwhile, back at Station house 4, Inspector Grumpy was being, well, grumpy……….
    Seems all is back to normal in the Brackenreid household with Margaret issuing orders and Thomas complying with them. They represent a realistic married couple, with all the ups and downs.

    Detective Watts has had some challenges thrown his way, but tracking down a rather large pig may be top of the list. As always, he displayed his compassionate side and sided with the pig.

    1. The reasons detective Murdoch used, for assigning lucky Watts, to solving the missing pig crime were comical & worth watching again. Detective Watts was successful, with inspector Brackenreids big heart, to pardon porky from the butcher, for now.

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