Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Things Left Behind”

This is it, Murdoch Mysteries fanatics. The penultimate episode of Season 13. And, with words like “team member” and “abducted” in the same sentence, we certainly have cause for worry. And hasn’t showrunner Peter Mitchell hinted on Facebook that things may not be well for all of our favourite characters?

Here’s what the CBC has revealed about “Things Left Behind,” written by Simon McNabb and Peter Mitchell and directed by Peter Mitchell:

Murdoch suspects Violet Hart has ties to a conman’s murder, Ogden flirts with danger, and a team member is abducted.

And here is more information from me after watching a screener.

Margaret is back!
So is Higgins, Sebastian Pigott as Dr. Dixon, James McGowan as Dr. Forbes, Jeremy Legat as Aldous Germaine and Jesse LaVercombe as Jack Walker. Look for Alex Hatz as Percival Emerson, Ben Sanders as Detective Edwards, Ryan Hollyman as John Lincoln (he played Harold Richmond in “All That Glitters”) and Sarah Swire as Amelia.

Violet’s past haunts her
Violet is interrupted during her work by someone she’s not happy to see. He has a warning for her that has repercussions throughout the episode. There is a revelation about Violet that was hinted at in her early days on Murdoch Mysteries.

Watts and Jack further their relationship
We haven’t seen Watts and Jack alone for several weeks. Suffice it to say they’ve been getting to know each other.

Julia performs surgery
Which puts her back, of course, in contact with Dr. Dixon. And we all know what happened the last time those two were alone.

Parker gets some bad news
Yup, you can see it on Murdoch, Brackenreid and Parker’s faces above: they are most certainly not talking gaily about the weather.

George has a super-fan
With copies of his book flying off the shelves, George is on top of the literary world. That’s a positive. And, as it turns out, a negative too.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

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20 thoughts on “Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Things Left Behind””

  1. I would like to know the schedule for Murdoch Mysteries in the US.I have
    Acorn tv but just now getting Jan releases.

    1. Florence, I’m one of the Moderators for the AcornTV Fans Facebook page. (You might want to consider joining so you get the latest info about Acorn.) We’re getting one episode a week (Mon, 2/24 will be Eps 11), through April 13. That’s usually how it works. We don’t get it on Acorn simultaneously with it airing in Canada. It’s just how the licensing laws/streaming agreements work.

      Here’s a link to the FB page:

  2. This episode is tense with excellent acting and many storylines, but I DIDN’T LIKE it. I don’t know for what reason the authors of the show dramatically changed Julia’s character and made him completely unattractive. In this episode, she is very selfish, arrogant and dishonest, it is impossible to believe. It looks like Julia is ready to change William, not only with Dr. Dixon, but also with any man who wants this. Very unexpected and poor turn of events. If the scriptwriters want the beautiful talented actress Helen Joy to leave the show, you could do it in a more decent way. The romantic relationship of William and Julia, which were the main storyline of the show, the authors destroyed. Probably the future of the Murdoch Mysteries is ruined as well.

    1. I agree with you 100% I did not appreciate it and couldn’t understand it and why would they just want to destroy the relationship.this is too good of a series to resort back to everyday cheating like miniseries do

  3. Yes, this episode was crap, compared to the previous 3 ladies, solving a murder without W. Murdoch. Julia, would never team up with a male, that William suspected/knew, was after his wife. Plus, allowing that love fantasizing doctor, into her hotel room. That hopeful, adulterer to be,(schoolboy scriptwriting) was idiotic, in his singing a love song to Julia. Using the old, worn out scheme, of kidnapping Crabetree, because a mentally ill person obsess’s over him, is a huge fail. Then, why kill off a new, likeable cast member, but instead have him somehow not consume the poison, who could add new storylines, in the future. Yes, to getting rid of sneaky Violet Hart, her character was never developed to be missed when gone. But will the dirt she has on Julia, somehow save her from hanging/prison. Once again, the agenda concerning detective Watts must continue, but his acting/detective skills & likeable character, is more important. Only one more episode of Murdoch Mysteries, which should continue for at least 3, to replace those lost in December. That is a crime, never to be accepted or solved it seems.

  4. So much action–so many story lines–so little time remaining. It will be interesting to see how the writers wrap it all up next week.

    Dixon really is a slimy character. Julia was saved by the Bell (Telephone); good thing the operator strike is over. Is Julia going through a midlife crisis? Maybe Ruth can become a marriage counselor and the Murdochs can be her first clients. Hard to believe that George allowed himself to be abducted–he’s been a constable for how many years now? Amelia didn’t drug him like Eva Pearce did to Murdoch; George should have been able to disarm her. (I’m still wondering how Eva moved an unconscious Murdoch to that remote cabin all by herself.) I like the Llewellyn Watts character but please, dear writers, no more new revelations about him. The Brackenreids faced another financial crisis by doing the right thing to help Margaret’s sister but which resulted in Tom’s doing the wrong thing and not standing up for Robert Parker. Too bad Parker got axed and then offed, and now it looks like Violet Hart may get what she has coming to her. Black characters don’t fare well on MM. If the series wants to keep a black character, perhaps they could have Albert Jackson stop by with the mail. As for a possible breakup between the Murdochs, I say good riddance to this dreck. Good-bye Julia, and let’s bring back Anna Fulford. As this season comes to a close, I have two questions: Where is Bobby Brackenreid, and, Why can’t the Murdochs get their pelican back from Goldie?

    1. *** Maybe Ruth can become a marriage counselor***
      What a truly delightful idea !
      Ruth Newsome is such a lovely kind, sweet lady and is much smarter than people give her credit for.
      (And, as far as i’m aware, she hasn’t murdered/killed anyone.)

      ***Where is Bobby Brackenreid***
      I believe Bobby is away at boarding school.

  5. We are lucky to have our cable provider carry the CBC here in Ohio. My mom introduced me to the detective looking for “finger marks” and we have enjoyed the characters and mysteries. Watts is fantastic, Murdoch is wonderful. Margaret a hoot. So much to enjoy. It is, however, not without disappointment. The loss of Parker feels wrong. One can recognize human complexity and that people do bad things and still know when a line is crossed. I feel the this temptation of Julia maybe an unnecessary line to cross. I compare her actions to Brackenreid. When Margaret left him, he was with a woman, but stopped and voiced his love for his wife and respect for his marriage. Julia? Only a phone call prevented anything from escalating with Dixon. On top of this, hearing William, the supposed love of her life, did not give rise to regret or a voice of her love for husband and her marriage. It was Dixon that left without her asking him to leave. 13 years of this couple and then that reaction? I hope if the writers choose this cheating route they have the guts for the fallout. The fallout probably should include the marriage ending. How can he ever trust her again? Another pretty face comes along to tempt her, then what? I hope Murdoch isn’t left pining for her or even having to fight for her; let her fight for him. Invest in a love interest for him too. People do bad things and there are consequences. Julia decides to cheat, there needs to be consequences.

    1. I agree with you 100% I did not appreciate it and couldn’t understand it and why would they just want to destroy the relationship.this is too good of a series to resort back to everyday cheating like miniseries do.I agree with Jennifer there need to be consequences William needs to move on they need to develop another character for William to love. They have developed Julia into she would sleep with anybody that pays her attention.every time another man comes along in the stories I’m thinking this is going to be the one also. It’s time to let Julia gofocus on some of the other female characters in the story line cuz you have destroyed the main characters.I can tell you have become tired and are running out of ideas it is so sad I’m not even looking forward to season 14

  6. Episode 17 is a big disappointment for many fans of the show! It would be better if this plot was not. The foundation of the popularity of the Murdoch Mysteries for 13 years has been completely destroyed. It is impossible to understand the logic of the authors of this episode.

  7. I was very disappointed in This last episode…why kill Parker, he was a good character..
    Julia ???. What ???? Did not like this storyline at all..
    Will they develop Ms Hart,s character more ???
    I enjoyed the past episode with the 3 Ladies solving the murder…

  8. This episode is too much stuff in one.
    About 5 or more plots…
    And I don’t like behavior of Julia too, but episode like this should be airred just after episode 9 when Julia killed a patient and this was a crisis between her and William.
    Than it will have a sense. But not after all episodes when those two are normal and happy in marriage.
    Plot with Dixon should be end with rape Julia by him. When he kiss her first time she pushed him away and it looked like she is afraid this situation and don’t like it. In this way we can acceptable it and Julia do nothing wrong.
    Now, suddenly she is very horny on him without really reason. Yes, William’s complains about left work and go to bed were bad and not like him and later about London too. She should take him to her boss and ask to repeat what he told her about opportunity.
    Parker – I never liked him. He was just political correct and not nice as character for me. Look when something gone wrong he always started to be anger, aggressive or rude to rest of characters. And in this last episode made all to lost trust they give him as policeman.
    Sorry but I’m glad that he is cut form show, really.
    Miss Hart – never showed in show as person who I can like but rather honest as coroner, ambition but in good way, cos her colour not like rage of power of something. I don’t understand why so quickly producers replaces first black woman second. Who still remember Rebecca? Nobody? But she was a very nice character, nicest than Hart, Who still remember Dr. Grace? Everybody, right?

  9. Was the whole episode just a bad dream of one of the characters? That is what I’m hoping. Julia seemed to be moving about in a dreamy or drugged way and George seems helpless and unmotivated. Murdoch is clueless to let his wife go off with that Dr. And killing Parker off instead of Violet is the wrong way around.

  10. Indeed, the actions of Julia and George in episode 17 are illogical and look like a very bad dream!

    1. We can only hope, it’s just a nightmare & I will take back all negative comments. But “Murdoch Miseries” the new CBC soap opera, as a previous commenter called it (could not find her post/name) seems a perfect fit.

  11. After the much heralded addition of Marc Senior to Series 13, it was something of a shock to see the sudden demise of Special Constable Robert Parker.
    He seemed like a decent, and thoughtful man, with much to contribute to Station House 4.
    So sad the writers were not able to allow this character to develop.

    1. I agree! I am very curious if the actor was not able to do more episodes or not. I have not seen anything about that or any interviews with the actor about the situation with his character. That seems odd to me. I would like to more about the decision to kill off the character.

  12. This once excellent and unique show has now degenerated in to nothing more than a soap opera.

    Series 13 has produced only a small handful of episodes that are worthy of being called Murdoch Mysteries.
    The rest were rubbish.
    What happened ?
    Hopefully, there will be a Season 14, and things will get back on track.
    Inspector Brackenreid and his loyal lads at Station House 4 tackling the REAL crime in Toronto.
    MORE murders, MORE historical events, MORE historical characters.
    And definitely MORE Murdoch inventions !!!

  13. When Calls the Heart and Murdoch Mysteries could be connected through a special episode.
    World War I is coming. A woman could open up a car repair shop, repair planes, pilot, and inspire children to pursue science, technology, engineering and math. Historical characters could pursue invtesigations and lecture tours connecting the two. Megan Markle could guest star on both shows, perhaps as the same character. Batteries, solar, UFOs, inuit rights, babcock pre-computers, The Alienist serial killer in New York City or another one who came later, refugees, bands.

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