Comments and queries for the week of March 6

Absolutely love Making It Home and Dave and Kortney!!! Would love them to come and renovate my main living space. —Lisa

This show is not nearly as good as Masters of Flip. Perhaps it is because Kortney and Dave cannot boost the sale price if they go over budget but must stick to what the homeowners have decided to spend. I find the opening of the show annoying – the constant joking and laughing detracts from people who are supposed to be professionals. Next, having the owners come in with their eyes closed is kid’s birthday party stuff. Let them come in without all that. Lastly, Dave seems like a level-headed guy. Is it really necessary for Kortney to put him down, pick up on tiny mistakes and generally demonstrate that he is necessary but not really appreciated? —S

I agree that some of the contestants [on Family Feud Canada] aren’t very bright, but what surprises me is the answers given by the 100 surveyed Canadians! Some of their answers are not what an average person would say. Do they give dumb answers in order to hinder the contestants? So many reasonable answers get X’d. Also, how could the Popeye question be a reasonable one as there could be only one correct answer. I think it was a promo stunt. —Kit

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