Links: Cardinal, Season 4

From Debra Yeo of the Toronto Star:

Link: Long goodbye for Canadian crime drama Cardinal
Inside a nondescript office building in downtown North Bay, something that hundreds of people have devoted four years or more of their lives to is coming to an end. Continue reading.

From Stephen Cooke of The Chronicle Herald:

Link: Billy Campbell says farewell to detective Cardinal, dreams of sailing N.S. schooner
“When you boil it down, it’s really about the relationship between Cardinal and Delorme, and I think people who like that relationship and if they love the show and the tone and flavour of it, then they will be highly appreciative of the way the whole thing is handled and wraps up.” Continue reading. 

From Heather M. of The Televixen:

Link: Previewing Cardinal’s final season with Billy Campbell and Karine Vanasse
“The metaphor we played with the first season [that] we talked a lot about, was [that] all these feelings [are] underneath a layer of ice for both characters. And it really did feel like coming home or coming full circle to shoot the final season in the winter.” Continue reading.

From Mark Daniel of the Toronto Sun:

Link: ‘Cardinal’ star Billy Campbell reflects on ‘best job’ of his career
“Both Cardinal and Delorme put themselves in mortal danger in ways that they haven’t before.” Continue reading.

From Bill Brioux of

Link: Heart and chemistry make Cardinal more than a cop show
When a TV series ends, it can be an emotional day for the cast and crew. After several seasons’ worth of long days on sets and locations, a production team often bonds together like family. Continue reading.

From Heather M. of The Televixen:

Link: Previewing Cardinal: “Adele” + reflections from Billy Campbell and Karine Vanasse
“Here are two people, I think, who could never admit how they felt about each other — to the other [and] maybe not even to themselves.” Continue reading.