Hudson & Rex: John Reardon and Mayko Nguyen discuss Season 3

The third season of Hudson & Rex returns on Tuesday with an episode new and veteran fans will love. Entitled “The Hunt,” the instalment serves as the show’s origin story, revealing how Charlie (John Reardon) and Rex (Diesel vom Burgimwald) became partners. Charlie recalls the story to Sarah (Mayko Nguyen) and we view the emotional adventure through flashbacks.

It’s a powerful episode of television, and the perfect kickoff to Season 3. We spoke to stars John Reardon and Mayko Nguyen about the evolution of Hudson & Rex, and what fans can expect this season.

How did COVID-19 affect production on Season 3?
Mayko Nguyen: I’m not going to lie, coming out of strict isolation and then being out in the world which you could be out here at that time and then being on set, being around people, it was a bit jarring for sure. But I felt confident in the measures that we were taking. We’ve shot outside a lot more this year. You know, the adjustment of wearing the masks. It’s funny. It’s just like anything else, it takes a bit, and sometimes you have people who are like, ‘Ugh,’ but then it’s like, you’re just wearing a mask. It’s not a big deal. And then you get used to it. Like now I feel weird when I don’t have the mask on. I feel like I’m missing something. So, I think it’s, again, it’s just like any transition, you just get used to it and I think we’re all happy to be there and happy to do it for the sake of getting to work.

John Reardon: I feel very fortunate that we’re able to be working right now. We’ve been working since July, I think one of the first productions in North America to come back. It’s something that we don’t take for granted because the situation in so many places is very tough for people right now. So, it’s pretty special to have people wanting to see the show and being able to keep it going. I’m definitely excited to get it on the air.

The first episode of this third season really, really well done. It was enjoyable to get the true origin story of how Charlie and Rex became partners, even if it was a tragedy that brought them together.
MN: We had a screening for the cast of that one episode. I think we do really well with this show because there’s a lot of heart, and I feel like that’s unavoidable when you have a dog who is working to help people, that’s just unavoidable, but that episode in particular … oh man, it’s just gut-wrenching. And you see how Rex and Charlie develop the start of that relationship and that also is … oh, it’s such a good episode and I was really excited when I read it for the first time because it is a departure from the standard structure of our show and it’s a special episode and I’m really glad because of course, of course, we want to know how Charlie and Rex started out, right?

JR: I remember reading that episode for the first time about a month before we went to camera and just thinking how much I felt the audience would enjoy it because they’re going to see the sneak peek of how Rex and Charlie meet and how everybody interacted before Rex was there and then sort of see where that relationship starts. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I think everybody is and so I hope people really respond to it well.

Watching the first episode, I feel like the show has confidence going into Season 3. Do you feel that?
JR: Yeah, I do. I definitely feel like I learn more about Charlie every year and I think what’s great is when we have an episode like this and we also have a few other episodes later in the season that has sort of personal stakes or alludes to our characters’ history. I think when we add that stuff in, it helps build the character even more. Things that we might not have known as the actor comes to light and then that adds an extra layer to them. In our very first episode, ‘The Hunt,’ we allude a little bit to how Charlie and Rex met, but when you infuse it with all the heart from that episode and all the scenes that we shot and you create that history, then that I feel that lives on in the future episodes as well. I think it just adds to the DNA of the show.

There are 10 directors during this season of Hudson & Rex. One of them is Tracey Deer. She’s an amazing person and director. What was it like working with her?
JR: I hadn’t worked with her before, but she’s fabulous and I really enjoyed working with her. She’s a very intelligent, very thoughtful director, and puts a lot of thought into how really small things can make a huge difference in the tone of the story. She looks at it not just at the macrocosm, but also the microcosm of everything and that’s great because it just gives you more and more stuff to play with. She’s a lovely person and I really, really enjoyed working with her. She’s very talented.

Mayko, what can you say about Sarah’s journey this season?
MN: There’s stuff going on in Sarah’s life for sure. I think that that first episode is an example of it, sort of cementing this friendship with Charlie and the rest of the team. But, you know, in that first episode, Charlie lets her in on this very special, private thing that he does, this annual thing that she gets to be part of that, and I think I feel very honoured to get be, to have that shared with me. I feel like every season we’re deepening that friendship and deepening those relationships, I feel and maybe this is what you’re picking up on, but the team does feel that much more cohesive this year and I don’t know how to articulate why or what that is, but it feels much more tight-knit and we’ve got some episodes for sure where we’re working even harder as a team to figure out some of these cases.

Hudson and Rex airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Citytv.

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3 thoughts on “Hudson & Rex: John Reardon and Mayko Nguyen discuss Season 3”

  1. I am a fan of the European versions and some of my favourites scenes are the bonding scene s between Rex and his owners (For all of you not familiar with the European shows, the Owner of Rex changes every few seasons in a kinda Doctor Who way. There’s three Owners on the Austrian show and three more on the Italian show), and I kinda missed a bonding scene between Charlie and Rex.

    I’m really happy I’m getting my bonding scene and looking forward to watch it, I’m probably crying, am I not? Like with Alex Brandtner’s back on Austria’s Season Four.

  2. I love love LOVE the show. As a committed Canadian Fan, I cannot get enough of the show. I see it on CityTV, FX and FXX. I have only one complaint: not enough dog! I do get dog satisfaction when Rex solves the case with his excellent nose or his ability to capture the bad guy. The entire cast is great: Jessie, Sarah, Charlie, Charlie’s Boss. Just keep the episodes coming! I am expecting a run of shows line Murdock Mysteries.
    One thing as a Canadian, I so appreciate the views of St. Johns NFLD. Being stuck in Ontario, when the show shows the city or a beautiful cost line, Charlie and Rex jogging or investigating, I am drinking up the view thinking this is Canada! This is an opportunity into the East Coast and I am loving it! All of it. The Police station, the downtown, the multi coloured homes. The highways, the weather, all similar to my province and all different as well.
    Sarah and Charlie! Come On Charlie! Get romantic with Sarah, she is my hero! What a woman! And she is Rex approved! I want a romance, some trouble and then back to romance. Kinda like those wonderful Hallmark Movies. Come On Charlie, I have seen one movie that you were the hunk! Blue Eyes! You know what to do! Get rid of those cold feet and see that Sarah is so perfect for you! Ask her out!
    I read John’s comment about Charlie’s character and I am so glad John is interested in the character development. I am seeing a real person in Charlie. He is a hard cop and with a gold heart. I love his intimidation when interviewing people and the way he suddenly changes his mind mid scene, like he realizes his assumption is wrong. I love the banter between him and the team. I love his ability to make decisions and he leads the way to solving crimes. And of course his relationship with Rex: he calls Rex Partner, Bud, Pal!
    I could go on and on about how much I love the show: the Canadian actors I recognize, the addition of minorities in major roles and just so natural and believable!
    You have a fan in me until you have to stop the series and go to movies and graphic novels. I am there!
    Jo-Anne Dagenais

  3. I own a record store in downtown Kitchener Ontario with my spouse Kevin, if you and Rex ever need to film in Ontario. My store is available for an interesting murder scene. :-)

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