Murdoch Mysteries: Peter Mitchell discusses the Season 14 finale and looks ahead to Season 15

[Spoiler alert! Do not continue reading until you have watched the Season 14 finale, “Everything is Broken, Part 2.”]

Things are mended for others, but the overriding theme of Monday’s Season 14 finale of Murdoch Mysteries lived up to its name. Or perhaps the episode’s alternate title could have been, “Everything is Up in the Air.” Not as catchy, but certainly apt. By the episode’s end, there was closure for some (Henry and Ruth welcomed a daughter, with a little help from Margaret), but that was it. If Season 15 is greenlit, there will be much to wrap up, from Watts and Jack’s relationship to Violet’s actions against Arthur, Bobby’s Brackenreid’s prison escape, and Effie’s kidnapping at the hands of Dorothy AND Amelia.

And, of course, we can’t forget William and Julia, the former who has left for Montreal—Harry in tow—to find Anna, leaving the latter shattered in an empty house.

In our final interview of Season 14, we spoke to showrunner Peter Mitchell about what has happened and what’s to come.

Congratulations! Season 14, despite the pandemic, has been a great mix of comedy and tragedy.
Peter Mitchell: Thanks. Sometimes as the expense of the fans. [Laughs.]

Since you brought it up… when you are writing, do you write with the fans in mind or are you writing to entertain yourselves?
PM: We are aware of certain episodes that are going to get an extra fan reaction, but we certainly don’t censor ourselves because the people who aren’t fans of humour are going to hate this one. We may actually ladle the humour on a little harder! [Laughs.] There is an awareness of what the fans are thinking and if some fan is actually thinking exactly what we were going to do, we change it if we have time. We still write for that four-quadrant group of fans who want the mystery, the ones who want the romance, the ones who want science and the ones who want Victoriana … or Edwardiana now.

You have been very active on Facebook lately leading conversation and playfully prodding the fans. You must love that.
PM: It’s fun and it’s very rewarding for all of the writers to get their work noticed. I have fun with the fans and I think the appreciate knowing we know they’re out there.

You added two new writers to the room this year in Caleigh Bacchus and Christina Ray. They have been great additions. Was it always your intention to add new writers?
PM: Yes, just to mix it up a bit. Caleigh is quite new to the game and brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm and was the story coordinator, so had to handle all of that stuff. She gained confidence and became a voice in the room. Paul [Aitken] and I had a brief experience with Christina Ray a long time ago. We were working on a proposal for an Alien Nation-type show with vampires. We had gotten to know her during that process and I had always wanted the chance to work with her because she is quite good at plot, and plot is something we need in Murdoch. It was difficult because we weren’t in a room, really. For a very short period of time, we were in a physical space and I’m not even sure Caleigh was part of that.

What’s the secret to your writing room success? How are you all able to continue writing compelling storylines?
PM: For the last few years, we’ve ended the season with a bunch of questions. And when you come out of the gate [on a new season] I already have an advantage in that I don’t have to think of anything new, I just have to figure out how to answer these questions that I raised last year. That kind of gets your story brain going. With Murdoch, the stories just come.

At what point did you know Anna Fulford would be part of the season finale?
PM: It was probably late-ish in the season. In the early part of the season, we were really concentrating on the reality of working in the COVID world and trying to tell stories that could be told within it. We really didn’t know how it would look [with social distancing] and then I saw the first few cuts and realized it really didn’t look any different. The closest we came to feeling uneasy was during [“Murdoch Checks In”] because there were more [COVID-19] cases going on and there was the reality of filming in August with a cloth mask on. But once we got through that and knew we were going to be fine, we started to figure out [the season finale].

I always knew, from the minute I saw Sarah Swire appear on the show [as Amelia Ernst] that she was going to be in the finale. She was on Frankie, and she was just f—ing great. I knew that we would have to circle back around on Bobby, and the twisted little relationship between Violet and Arthur we were pretty sure on very early. The Murdoch storyline may have come last. Once we realized we were going to do that, there was no way the physical Anna [Lisa Faulkner] would be in Canada, so we went with the memory of Anna. And, as you can tell, that story is far from resolved.

There are many storylines left to be wrapped up.
PM: And, moving forward, the resolutions will be unexpected.

You joked on Facebook that if George finds a wife and gets married, that will be the end of the show. Do you really feel that way? I want him to be happy.
PM: And, I think at some point he will be. But, you have to keep a certain amount of juice. Brackenreid and Margaret are married and we’re never going to split them up. Murdoch and Ogden are married … what do you do with a married George? What do you do with happy characters? They’re basically the death of a show. Nobody in the most feelgood show, Ted Lasso, was happy. Ted moved to England because he was getting a divorce and he still loved his wife. The woman who hired Ted was still smarting from an affair. No one was happy, but it was still a happy show. We need dilemma. The audience needs dilemma.

As emotional as it was for William to discover there may be a son in his life, Hélène Joy’s performance was incredible. Her facial expressions while watching William and Harry bond was heartbreaking.
PM: It’s funny because a lot of the second part of the season finale is Hélène’s episode. No matter how little screen time she had or the principals she engaged with. She confides in Margaret, which is something she has never done. She has a comedic runner with Ruth through the whole thing, she sees Ruth get something that she has wanted. She is coming to terms that William has another love in his life, which is the son that they were unable to have together. Hélène dialled into that stuff and, as an actress, is aware of overplaying that stuff and doesn’t. She kills in the small moments and I really didn’t have to talk too much to her about it. You have to have guts to portray insecurities and she did a really good job.

Having Effie trapped in a tree was genuinely scary.
PM: Somehow, I got it in my head that I wanted a fairytale ending. Here we have the evil twin sisters and we don’t know or understand either of them. I had this image of Effie stuck in a hollowed-out tree, which felt like a very fairytale type of thing. It wasn’t until very late in the game that I decided there would be two [sisters]. I didn’t want to throw to someone with multiple personalities. And, you could argue that Dorothy is just trying to do right by her sister. I think that Dorothy is the truly evil one. Amelia just wants to marry George because she loves him and Dorothy is trying to facilitate that.

If you are renewed for a 15th season, do you address all of the storylines within the first few episodes?
PM: We address a few of the continuing stories in Episodes 1 and 2, but not all of them. When we do get back to those stories, we will learn that things have progressed. We’ll learn that Jack is married but that Jack and Watts are still seeing each other. I want to have an ongoing murder case in the first episode, which will be Watts’ case because Murdoch is still trying to find answers. Brackenreid will be trying to figure out what happened to Bobby. Crabtree’s line is … well, I’m not even going to tell you. [Laughs.] For mystery fans, there will be a legitimate mystery. And Violet is left in an interesting situation as well.

What did you think of the Season 14 finale? Let me know in the comments below.

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55 thoughts on “Murdoch Mysteries: Peter Mitchell discusses the Season 14 finale and looks ahead to Season 15”

  1. LOVED the season 14 finale!! Well done!
    Exactly what I had hoped would happen…to be left with lots of drama and questions! :)
    Thank you, Mr. Mitchell!

    1. Well it is well done but now l have to wait for the next season to begin, bah humbug. I hate waiting for the endings to all my questions. But wait we must l suppose.

    2. What station is MM aired on? I can’t find it. I watched 1-13 on Acorn. I’m not sure Acorn will be showing Season 14 or not. Could someone please let me know about this.

  2. Please, writers, I beg you, have someone show you when to say I and when to say me. Tonight there was more than one error. It’s NOT between you and I , it’s between you and ME…. About him and ME…with her and ME… from you and ME. These are supposed to be well educated characters. Hearing them screw up so badly makes me cringe. Is there not ONE person on the set who knows how to speak properly and correct you guys????

  3. Please remove the last question for the sake of fans. That is a spoiler for Season 15 and I’m beyond disappointed this happened.

    1. “Between you and I” is a hypercorrection from the 19th century that most well-educated Edwardians would make (and was indeed considered correct in many circles even into the late 20th, so a lot of the writers would have been taught that way too).
      As for spoilers, the episodes haven’t been written, shot, or edited, so they are not yet spoilers, just speculation. For all we know, Peter is trying to lead us in the wrong direction. If someone doesn’t want the show to be spoiled for them, they should not read articles with spoiler warnings at the top.

      1. Thank you. I was taught to say ‘you and I’ back in the ‘50’s and would get a talking to if I didn’t.

  4. I will be trying to second guess the next season all summer. I have a couple of theories that I’m fine tuning and looking at all the possibilities. You certainly gave us a lot to think about ! Great season!

  5. There was a huge spoiler alert at the top of this article.

    [Spoiler alert! Do not continue reading until you have watched the Season 14 finale, “Everything is Broken, Part 2.”]

  6. Fantastic finish to this season I wish new season started tomorrow. By far this is best show on television today all the actors are absolutely great.

  7. This season was terrible ! Meandering, and mindless. Too many digressions means the main storyline is diluted and without direction. Any hack writer could manage writing out an episode over a lunch hour.

    1. Thanks for your comment. If you don’t mind writing a spec script for Murdoch Mysteries over your lunch hour, send it over to me and I’ll take a look!

  8. I love this show and truly hope Season 15 is a
    go. Many of my friends are now hooked on watching it, as well. It would be nice to see more Canadian actors playing historical figures as was done in the past. It was great to see those characters come to life. Also, we would love to hear more subtle funny lines between George and Murdoch… investing in coke stocks vs Safe Canadian Bonds! Hysterically clever and funny! Well done to the cast, writers and the entire team!

    1. I would love to see them write an episode with Steve Smith as Red Green’s grandfather. Maybe a murder mystery at the Possum Lodge.

    2. I absolutely agree with you on all counts !! Watts (Daniel Maslany) is my favorite character now. Absolutely love him.

  9. Up until a few months ago, I wasn’t even aware that “Murdoch Mysteries” existed… Since then, after binge-watching the first 13 seasons, it has become my must-watch show every week. Now that season 14 is over, I’m going to have to do something I haven’t had to do since I first started watching the show: wait.

    I really, really hope there’s a season 15, because after the way the finale ended, it would be cruel not to have one.

    Also, they just had to do flashbacks to when Murdoch and Dr. Ogden had to return the baby to its father. I cried when I first watched that episode, and I cried again during the flashback to it.

    1. They stopped playing it on ionplus… I missed it. I wish some station would start showing it

  10. Great interview! It is nice to get bonus info from Peter. I was not expecting some of the turn of events in the last episode. I have lots of questions that need answers. I sure look forward to another Season! I hope that the powers that be sanction continuation of this excellent show…….

  11. I want to say “Bravo” to the writers, who came up with the scene involving Murdock, then Watts laying down their badges , in support of Insp. Brackenreid. It was reminiscent of the scene from the movie “Rudy”, when seniors lay down their jerseys on coach Dan Devine’s desk, in order for Rudy, a walk on could dress for the last game. I was on my feet applauding. Also, I wish to thank the producers, directors, prop monkeys , and all the people that work to bring Murdock Mysteries to the small screen. You’ve made Canada proud, and helped us make it through trying times. My hat is off to the performers as well. Yannick, Helene, Thomas, Johnny, Arwen, and Lachlin to name just a few.

  12. I am a big fan and love the show. I binged watched most of the seasons in 2020. I like the variety of storylines the show offers. You can’t just focus on one anymore. I had to pay attention to the season 14 finale. It was excellent. I’m looking forward to Season 15. Season 14 was shorter, but that’s OK. I knew that the next step for Murdoch was to have a child. Even my daughter thinks it’s great.

  13. I have watched Murdock Mysteries from the beginning. Its a great show, you have drama, comedy, tensions involving love, hate an human failings, people living their everyday lives.
    The actors are the best on television. Station house four is the site for the struggles of the times. We follow both their work lives an personal. We cheer them on in good times an weep when the characters suffer.
    Cannot wait for season 15.
    Stay Safe Everyone.

    1. Ditto – everything you said! I love this show and I have watched it from the beginning. We received a Netflix package for Christmas and I watched it all over again with my husband. He is now a fan as well.

  14. I was thrilled to hear Higgins mention Dr. Emily Grace and state that he always thought that George should marry her. I couldn’t agree more Henry! Dr. Emily Grace is the only one of George’s love interests that I have ever rooted for. As the city coroner, she was a strong stand-alone character and her appeal did not rely on being George’s sweetheart . The two characters had wonderful interactions as they were both funny and had great romantic chemistry. Even after they broke up due to what’s-his-face Garland, and when Emily started a relationship with Lillian, you could tell that she and George still shared a bond. Leave Effie in the tree and bring back Dr. Emily Grace!!

  15. I live in the US in the state of Indiana and have really enjoyed the “Murdock Mysteries” series. My husband and I have binged watched all 13 episodes and have seen 4 episodes from season 14 on the Ovation Channel. We hope Acorn gets season 14 soon, so we don’t have to wait weeks to see episodes 10 and 11. This show is so much fun to watch, it is serious, yet funny at times. I love the series and story line. From what I have read in this article, I get the impression that Murdock may have a child from Anna Fulford, which is a nice surprise. I love her character and their relationship in the show. The only comment I have regarding the character Julia is she seems to come across as self centered at times. How many times does a husband excuse his wife for not supporting him. Her character seems to go out of her way to hurt him. I hope there is a series 15, this is the most entertaining show I have seen in a long time.

  16. I have just watched the finale of season 14……it was very good at leaving the mysteries open…this is one of the few shows I have watched from the beginning and have never been bored with it, great actors, great storylines, and of course, it’s Canadian. My heart breaks for Julia and also George. I hope next season that Murdoch heavily reassures Julia of his love but also that Anna is alive and she and her son play a part in Murdoch’s life….also wouldn’t it be great if William and Julia had the chance to adopt another baby? Happiness for all, (or most)…..
    I have found the best parts of these episodes are how Murdoch and the police team use inventions that are commonplace today, to catch criminals….can’t wait for next season!

  17. I’m an old curmudgeon who grew up on Sherlock, Perry Mason, Ellery Queen & Nero Wolf,etc. I was such a fan from Day 1of Murdoch,Canadian, (the Artful Detective). Last few shows were not great, not even that good. No longer Murdoch – more Hardy Boys. I like endings cause at my age I can’t be sure of seeing next season or even remembering. Murdoch is amazing & so well cast – but to make him look like Bugs Bunny. Not interested in comments from under 70s. Is my thoughts only. And I will watch season 15- or as long as I can. :) My little old wife forgives any of the handsome-est stars from Canada like Yannick Bisson, Paul Gross, late Winston Reckart , & Christopher Plummer.(Oh and Nat Fillion). Sorry, my tongue is hurting my cheek. :)

  18. Thanks to the whole team Murdoch Mysteries for a great season 14 filmed in a tough pandemic. You are real professionals! Very interesting are the joint investigations of Murdoch and Julia Ogden in episodes 1-9, the stories of Miss Hart, detective Watts, Ruth and Henry.
    I have an ambiguous attitude towards the final episode. Perhaps not everyone will agree with me, but I absolutely did not like the story of Murdoch’s illegitimate son Harry.
    There are some inconsistencies here. First. Throughout the seasons, Murdoch has demonstrated strict rules regarding extramarital affairs, but as it turns out, Anna was his mistress. Second. William always checked the facts before drawing conclusions. In this case, he immediately believed in Anna’s death without hard evidence and also believed that Harry was his son only on the basis of the boy’s words. Moreover, he immediately announced this to everyone, which is not typical of his character.
    I really did not like the fact that the appearance of the withdrawn, alienated Harry separated William and Julia, caused her great suffering. Harry won’t make Julia and William’s family happy. Perhaps the story with Anna is better to complete as soon as possible and the talented scriptwriters of the show, as always, will be able to make it very interesting.
    I love the talented adorable couple Julia and William and hope that in the future they will be happy to have their own child.
    The performances of Helen Joy and Yannick Bisson deserve the highest praise.
    Hopefully Season 15 will take place and the unresolved issues in Season 14 will be answered.
    Sorry for possible errors in the text, English is not my first language.

    1. You expressed yourself very well and clearly. I agree with you in regards to Murdoch’s recent personality/character flaw. Not the usual detective scrutinizing of clues. He is too emotionally involved already. and he does not even have all the facts at hand. Maybe that is the way the writers intended him to be for this episode. We feel as uncertain of his actions, and we can see what Julia is experiencing right now. Helene played the part exceptionally well….I could feel the near desolation.

  19. Season 14 had some interesting stories and some downright awful ones. The writers are really stretching the bounds of what might be realistic in this time. I hope that if there is a Season 15 it is a shortened one; just long enough to resolve the cliff-hangers. Maybe that could be resolved in perhaps six episodes instead of 10 or 12. I think we all want this show to go out on a bang, not a whimper.

    1. Disappointed in the last 3 seasons.. But this was a better year, except the darn cliff hangers.. Not very fair, not knowing if we see a season 15..too many for one show…

  20. I didn’t actually know or realize it was the finale… Was looking ahead of the schedule for part 3 and initially baffled. Haha, a lot of loose ends/cliffhangers to be continued

  21. Thank you for changing networks . I leave on income and I can not afford cable ,I was able to see the series on my rabbit ears ,BUT now no more. Thanks for nothing

    1. I’m in the United States, and only found Murdoch Mysteries last year! Found it with rabbit ears. Same position as you. They took it off of the air, “right in the middle of an episode!” It’s a shame I can’t get it anymore. I was hooked on that show.

  22. I have not seen the season finale but this is the most enthralling series ever. The acting is great, the photography is amazing. It had me at the first episode.

    1. The show is to dark.. Not the contents but how it appears on tv.
      We have to lose the drapes, all thighs and sit in the dark to watch.. No other show on tv has this darkness.. Is it cheaper to shoot in darkness or what..

  23. I have not read this post because I am still trying to find season 14. Yes, I like in a very small town. I do own a TV that provides a decent number of networks. I do have plenty of cable. I have found Ovation. However what I have managed to access has no Murdock Mysteries. I doubt that I am the “lone ranger”. Any other suggestions ?????
    Possibly notify the producers that the current network is not reaching the audience?

    1. Not knowing were you live it’s on CBC. It’s also available on Netflix in CANADA not sure if Netflix USA Caries it or not

  24. Would like to know how we in the United States can continue to watch the Murdoch Mysteries???

    1. You can buy a Canadian vpn on the internet! I loved the show so much I bought one just to watch it! Now my computer thinks it’s in Canada. When my daughter and I sit down to watch we joke, “Time to go to Canada now!” Of course it’s a pandemic so we aren’t going anywhere…

  25. I live in the United States and here is how I have been able to see the show. Seasons 1-13 are available through ACORN, which charges $5.99 a month, you must have a ROKU device that connects to your TV. The ROKU is less than $30.00. ACORN is an app you subscribe to. ACORN is suppose to get Season 14 at some point, but it has been delayed due to Covid-19, they have not announced when it will premiere.

    Also, Murdock Mysteries is on Ovation NOW, but you have to have cable I believe to access it, it is a streaming application. You can see Season 14 episodes 1-4 currently, but episode 5 airs on Ovation NOW Live on Saturdays at 7:00 pm. You have to wait to see the next episode until the following Saturday. Also, Ovation has Seasons 11-13 only you can view.

    Hope this helps some of the fans who live in the US. There are few other applications available, but through different services like HULU, etc.

    This series is addictive and refreshing compared to some of the reality crap on TV these days. I look forward to seeing all of Season 14.

  26. Se are in Massachusetts and for some reason we cannot get Murdoch mysteries anymore on in TV. Did anything change

  27. I live in the Knoxville TN, USA and have been a MM fan ever since it started airing on one of our local broadcast channels. I now watch on Ovation. I love everything about this show except the cliff hanger season finales as what happens if (gasp) the show doesn’t get picked up next season.? So far we fans have been lucky in that respect but I’m wondering if Mr. Mitchell considers that possibility when choosing to do those finales or if he already knows that the show has been picked up for another season

  28. My husband and I faithfully watch Murdoch Mysteries. The finale had a few cliffhangers, as it should be, and now we cannot wait for the next season!!! Keep up the great work.

  29. Tired of these double episodes and the you make it a cliffhanger but not knowing about next season
    . Really leaves us with an unfinished show.. It’s been not good for 2 seasons but picked up this year, less Julia and he bizzitchy attitude.. But cliffhanger.. Wow

  30. This series is going down hill IMO. It cheapened the character of Dr. Ogden when she contemplated having an affair. Her morality is now in question. Now the detective is gay when a couple of seasons ago he was hot to trot for the lady cycling across Canada. Liberal mentality! Do you really need to “Trash Up” this series to make people watch it?

  31. As far as i am personally concerned i enjoy Murdoch Mysteries even better then the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes TV Series that stared British Actor Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes & the Agatha Christie’s Poirot TV Series that stared British Actor David Suchet as Hercule Poirot, i have watched every single season of Murdoch Mysteries from season 1 to season 14 and this in my opinion really is the “BEST EVER”!! TV Series ever made, weither it be British, or American or even Canadian, this really is the Best TV ever made “Period”!!, So “Please God & the POWERS THAT BE at the CBC TV NETWORK for all that is HOLY “PLEASE”!! RENEW MURDOCH MYSTERIES for a Up-Coming 15th Season…..”PLEASE”!!, I’m such a big fan of the show that i even have “Autographed” Photo’s from “ALL” the Lead Actors on the Show “Plus”: i also own “ALL”!! the Seasons from Season 1 to Season 13 too, and ALL on Blu-Ray to…From Murdoch Mysteries #1 FAN in the “Whole-WIDE-World”!! who just happens to live in Nova Scotia, Canada which just also happenes to be where the Lead Character Detective William Murdoch was Born in and grew up in to……”So long live Murdoch Mysteries “FOREVER”,,,,,So “PLEASE” can we ALL have a Season 15th of Murdoch Mysteries “PLEASE”!!…..

  32. Hi I’m from Puerto Rico,I’ve been bindge watching the show since I got hulu . I’m in love with this series ,never a dull moment . Thank you so much for this show♥️

  33. Bravo for another entertaining season!!
    Please bring back Dr. Grace!
    Vanessa R

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