Preview: Murdoch Mysteries returns for Season 15

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The cooler weather, leaves changing colour and Halloween candy already on store shelves also marks the return of Murdoch Mysteries for an unprecedented Season 15 of 24 episodes.

Kicking off on Monday night, here’s the official synopsis from CBC for “The Things We Do For Love, Part 1,” written by showrunner/executive producer Peter Mitchell and directed by TW Peacocke:

With their lives in danger, Murdoch searches for Anna Fulford and her son in Montreal.

And, as always here are a few more tidbits from me after watching a screener. Please note that, due to Federal Election coverage on September 20, Murdoch Mysteries will be pre-empted and returns on Monday, September 27.

Murdoch is on the road
In the Season 14 finale, William was off to Montreal in search of Harry and Anna. When we catch up with him on Monday night, he has just arrived in La Belle Province and hot on their trail. Murdoch himself is being followed by a few people, one of which fans will recognize. As for William, he finds a Montreal police officer who is all too happy to help in his plight, and shares a few traits with Crabtree.

Watts is on a new case
A fire burning in a Toronto yard leads Watts to the case of a young woman whose death is blamed on her husband by her parents. This storyline is another opportunity for Murdoch Mysteries to explore more diverse characters, always a good thing.

How’s George doing?
Not well, thanks to the Ernst sisters, who are holding him captive. Kudos to Sarah Swire for playing Dorothy and Amelia so well. As for the fate of Effie, who we last saw trapped in a hollowed-out tree….? There’s a flashback to just how Effie was kidnapped that is particularly giggle-worthy.

Miss Hart makes a play
Violet Hard has been on an incredible journey since she entered the world of Murdoch Mysteries. Her marriage to Carmichael has brought out a side of her that’s only been hinted at; it evolves even more on Monday night.

A nod to Canadian sports history
Amid the ongoing Bobby Brackenreid storyline is a cool little note about Canadian history that had me heading to Google ,and confirming what year we’re in.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


20 thoughts on “Preview: Murdoch Mysteries returns for Season 15”

  1. Are they finally going to solve the mystery of who the f**k actually watches this show, and why we keep pumping tax dollars into it??

    1. Hey Roger, thanks for your question. Consistently high ratings on CBC and internationally keep the Murdoch train going. What are you watching on TV these days? -GD

    2. Apparently more than enough to keep it on television.
      It’s a show with drama comedy and also a glimpse into Canada’s past.
      The characters, are unique an are great actors. It is well written an the characters each have their own story lines about their lives an struggles, and their successes.
      Sadly for some it lacks the vulgarity, smut an boring sexual encounters or blunders on many current TV shows.
      You know many shows are available that offer these things for you, shows that taxpayers pour money into but never watch.
      Have a lovely day Roger, for myself I can’t wait until Murdock Mystery, with that wonderful cast of characters returns.

      1. Thank you. I love this show. We don’t need Roger. Is he hiding and actually likes this show? Hmmmm.

    3. Es una gran serie,bien escrita, los personajes muy bien construidos y muy cercanos, seguro que en tu TV puedes sintonizador zar un tras cosas que te gusten más, no se alguna pelea fingida de boxeo, alguna porno ya sabes…

    4. Roger wasn’t you hugged enough as a child??? Well here a big hug from the United States! I love this show and I can’t wait for the newer episodes and the spin-offs to be shown over here! So in the meantime, I watch the reruns happily every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! On Ion plus.

  2. My whole family is looking forward to the start of season 15 on Monday 13 September, we really love this show. We hope that our favorite characters will be happy and the new season will not be disappointing.

  3. Where do I find the channel CBC? I absolutely LOVE this show But usually have to wait until it comes out on Acorn TV.
    When will season 15 come out on acorn?

  4. This is one of the BEST shows EVER in the history of television! I feel like Murdoch, Julia, Crabtree, and the Inspector are ‘friends.’ The period settings, the relationships between the characters, the underlying humor among the cast is FANTASTIC!

    As a well educated, professional, black American female, l can honestly say this show is LOVED unequivocally by a cross section of people!


    1. I watch it on Acorn and seriously hooked! I am on #9 series and it only goes to 10 on this station. Where can I pick up the rest? I am in Buffalo NY and love the references of Buffalo and Toronto. Wonderful characters!

  5. We have all fourteen series of the Murdoch Mysteries and are waiting patiently for when series fifteen goes to DVD so we can purchase this in Australia. Love the series and when there is nothing else worth watching return to Murdoch. Thankyou.

  6. We absolutely Love this show. We watch on Hulu. It has romance, murder mysteries and some true historical facts and people sprinkled in. I love how George includes types of inventions that we have today. It is such a fun family friendly show to watch. We need more of this instead of being inundated with reality shows that I refuse to watch!

  7. Where can I stream this show during the current season in America? I live this show & miss it since ION + was taken off the air.

    1. I’m in Virginia I have a Samsung tv and I still get Ion plus the station number changed 1062. I can only watch to old shows every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I hope this helps.
      Oh I wrote the station but all the new shows and the spin-offs that have the same actors can only be seen in Canada. Maybe if enough of us wrote in this will change!

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