Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “The Things We Do for Love, Part 2”

After a week’s delay thanks to the Federal Election, Murdoch Mysteries is back to—hopefully—answer the niggling questions posed in the Season 14 finale and still left incomplete in the Season 15 premiere.

Will Anna be reunited with Harry and William? Is George really married? Where is Higgins’ baby? And who killed Mr. Larkin?

Here’s the official synopsis for “The Things We Do for Love, Part 2,” written by Peter Mitchell and directed by TW Peacocke:

To save his former lover and son, Murdoch makes a risky deal with a Black Hand henchman.

And here are some teasers from me after watching the episode.

Freddie packs a punch
I always enjoy a visit from Freddie Pink (Alex Paxton-Beasley), and she provides some welcome dialogue and actions during a scene with a member of the Black Hand.

Who really married George and Amelia?
Many of you stated you believe it was Higgins helping George get out of making things official with Amelia. All I can say about this part of the episode is you junior sleuths would make for excellent detectives.

Julia goes digging
Ever the adventurer, Julia attempts a brain surgery using a new technique. But will she be successful? And, after putting her hands to use, Julia’s brain is tested by a suspect jailed in Station House No. 4.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


10 thoughts on “Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “The Things We Do for Love, Part 2””

    1. Yes Murdoch Mysteries is mostly perfection, unless script writers get carried away, less is more. Mr. Greg David, thanks for commenting on Freddy Pink, a cute, good cop & actress. Is it not about time, a lady detective came to Toronto, as a more regular cast member? She would be a good match in profession/height & as Gorge Crabtree’s forever, main squeeze. He wants a family, plus Miss Pink needs convincing/courting.


  1. That was an unsettling episode. I found the mood at the end to be somber and subdued. The episode did not answer all questions, which, after waiting months for resolution, still feels right. I’m certainly looking forward to the rest of this season. Thank you, Peter Mitchell, for your mature writing.

  2. I liked episodes 1 and 2 of season 15, which was a further development of the complex storylines of the season 14 finale. The stories were logically continued and some of them remain unfinished, which makes the show even more interesting. I am very glad that William’s son Harry went to England to his mother, and as a result, the marital relationship between Julia and William remained strong and loving. I hope that in the future this adorable couple will have their own child.
    Very impressive is Constable George of Montreal, who assisted Murdoch. I would like to meet him in future episodes.
    The storyline of George / Effie and the two sisters was not very pleasant, it is not too realistic.
    The acting is amazing as always, great work of the whole show team.
    My family and I are looking forward to new episodes.

    1. This should be the last time George is kidnapped, hopefully. Although, those evil sisters are still lurking & it’s time for Effie to disappear, as all Crabtree’s previous gal pals did. Willam handled the Black Hand fearlessly, but did make at least one enemy, as usual. That Anna Fulton has 9 lives & with The Black Hand someday off her back, would make the script writers day. Are the Murdoch Mysteries main actors ready to move on, as Seinfeld’s(recent article) did on top after 9 yrs.? A future article for Greg David to dispel?

  3. With all my respect. I don’t think Julia and William’s relationship will stay stronger and more loving because Harry is going to live thousands of miles apart. I’m sure we’ll see Harry hang out more times this season. I don’t even think he and Anna are going to live in England. I suspect there will never be a miracle child.

    1. It is not known how the authors of the show imagine the further development of the plot, but I hope that Harry and his mother will not create problems for Julia and William. They had too much grief.

  4. I live in the US and we haven’t gotten to see any of the Season 15 shows, so I was a little disappointed to read about Murdoch’s son leaving. I wish there had been a disclaimer “spoiler alert” posted for the comments. Love the show and I am looking forward to seeing the new season when available on Acorn. I for one, would like to see some excitement in the Julia and William relationship.

  5. I live in US . love Murdoch mysteries. I want to see William and Julia really happy. If they could have a child after all the heavy losses it would be wonderful…. Can George finally be the woman he loves. And can those two. Crazy dangerous sisters be punished. The cast is wonderful stories are great. Some very creepy. Love the comedy as well. Like Charlie Chaplin story. The chase scene hilarious. I would like to see Pendrake have a real Success not another stollen from him. Please. And the spy who works with Murdoch against Clegg can he come back safe please.

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