Preview: Hudson & Rex returns for Season 4 with a new look and feel

I like Hudson & Rex for a few reasons.

First, its cast is top-rate. From John Reardon, Mayko Nguyen, Kevin Hanchard and Justin Kelly to Diesel vom Burgimwald on down, everyone on the call sheet is enjoyable to watch. Secondly, the writing team is truly gifted. Led by showrunner Peter Mitchell, they craft stories that are believable, have real dramatic stakes and a pinch of humour thrown in. And third, that stellar Newfoundland setting and the crew that works it. Every episode is a love letter to that part of Canada, no matter how dark the crime may be.

Returning Thursday at 8 p.m. Eastern on Citytv, here’s the official synopsis for “Sid and Nancy,” written by Peter Mitchell and directed by Gary Harvey:

When two hikers are discovered murdered near a remote coastal trail, the team is on the hunt for a fugitive duo wanted in a series of grisly campsite murders.

And here are some non-spoilery notes from me after watching a screener of the episode.

A new setting…
As I mentioned above, all the main players are back in Season 4. But, there is a big change within minutes of Episode 1. The Major Crimes team is on the road and reporting out of a mobile unit.

“It keeps all of us together and takes us out into the field more and in the office less,” Reardon says in the Season 4 press kit. “Having the team together adds a new element of storytelling and it showcases Newfoundland even more than we have in the past. I think it makes the show more dynamic because we’re all in communication with each other, we’re responding in real-time, and solving the case in real-time instead of regularly coming back to the office to regroup.”

… and a new vibe
I totally agree with Reardon’s statement. There is an energy, sometimes frantic, in Thursday’s return, that has been added to Hudson & Rex. It just feels like there is more at stake and more opportunity for conflict between local police forces that don’t appreciate the big-city unit rolling onto their turf.

A little spark?
Over the past three seasons, Hudson & Rex has faintly hinted at an emotional connection between Charlie and Sarah. Judging by a scene on Thursday, the needle may be headed into “strongly hinting.”

Hudson & Rex airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Citytv.

Images courtesy of Derm Carberry for Shaftesbury and Pope Productions.


13 thoughts on “Preview: Hudson & Rex returns for Season 4 with a new look and feel”

  1. Why aren’t we seeing this in an American Cable channel , UP tv as the commercial was run on UP tv this morning at approximately 1:40 AM eastern standard time , USA.
    The web site refers to Oct. 6, 2021 and Oct. 23, 2021 on a city tv.
    What is this reference ?

  2. I’ve fallen in love with Hudson and Rex and enjoy the scenery and the characters! The story line never disappoints! Thanks !

  3. Hudson and Rex is one of the best Canadian programs I have watched in along time. It has made me fall in love with Canada and Newfoundland what a beautiful country. I have watched Hudson and Rex from the very beginning on the British Channel Alibi, John Reardon and Diesel Vom Burgimwald make a fantastic partnership.
    Looking forward to series 4 cannot wait.

  4. With the changes in season 4, I find this show is now like every other police show. Rex gets very little action other than the odd sniffing of this or that and it was his involvement and action shots in past seasons that made the show different and kept me watching. I don’t like the team all out together; Sarah is a medical examiner and Jesse is a tech guy; neither sells it as a field cop.
    Rex needs more action and screen time!

  5. Can’t wait for this to start showing over here in the UK one of both mine and my partners and my parents favourite shows

  6. I always watch this show. I love everything about it. The St. John’s location is so wonderful because it was my husband and mine final destination on a Maritime bus tour. Sadly it was his last trip he passed away 6 months later. I have a great picture of him sitting on a bench at the park with dog statues.

    The storylines and cast are so well written. Not sure if Americans get to see how amazing Newfoundland and people are. Also Rex is the star of the show.

  7. I tried to find the show Hdson & Rex but can’t find it on the Tv. What channel is t aired on, I set it as automatic but didn’t come on last week & don’t see it this week either. Help

  8. Hudson & Rex is my favorite show. The acting and writing are excellent, I hope it will be on for many more seasons. I have never been to Newfoundland and because of this show I would really like to visit the province. I hope there will be more new episodes after the holidays in 2022.

  9. I’m in America and would love to watch this show. Where can I find previous and new episodes please?

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