Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Love or Money”

From the comments many of you have made on this website and on the TV, Eh Facebook page so far, you are really enjoying the tone and storylines in Season 15 of Murdoch Mysteries. I have too, especially last week’s case on the train could with William facing off against his biggest foe … Henry and Ruth’s daughter, Jordan.

Here’s the official synopsis for Monday’s newest installment, “Love or Money,” written by Noelle Girard and directed by Sharon Lewis:

When Murdoch investigates the murder of a ladies’ man, Crabtree’s auntie is the prime suspect.

And here are some non-spoilery observations from me after watching a preview of the episode.

George is back
After a couple of episodes away, Constable George Crabtree appears in Monday’s storyline, supporting Effie as she continues to reflect on her ordeal. As for Effie, she’s not sure practicing law is her true calling.

Debra McGrath guest stars
After having her real-life husband, Colin Mochrie, be part of the Murdoch universe, it only makes sense that veteran actress Debra McGrath would appear. My only question is: what took so long? McGrath is pitch-perfect playing another of George’s aunts … and we can add a new flower to the list of The Flower Girls of Flower Hill. McGrath steals every scene she is in, and the comic timing between her, Jonny Harris and Yannick Bisson is impeccable. Also, keep an eye out for Shaun Benson as Anthony Quivell, a private investigator searching for money taken by the dead ladies’ man.

Julia gets in trouble
When a woman enters the hospital complaining of extreme abdominal pain, her doctor waves it off as something simple. Julia, not happy with his diagnosis, goes behind his back. You can imagine the results.

Director Sharon Lewis makes a mark
Murdoch Mysteries is a visually stunning show. But on Monday, director Sharon Lewis introduces intimacy through the camera work. During conversations, the camera pulls in quite close to the characters, making me feel like I was an active participant. Let me know if you feel the same way.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


15 thoughts on “Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Love or Money””

  1. After 15 years on the Constabulary, isn’t it time George is promoted to Sgt. Crabtree? It would be a competition with Higgins which afterwards creates new relational tensions.

    1. George will never be promoted to sergeant for what happened at the end of season eight. William will never be promoted to inspector for what happened at the end of season twelve.

      1. Detective Murdoch, should never be promoted to inspector, because he allowed Watt’s to go off duty, with the Station House empty of officers, except for the worst baby sitter from hell.

    1. D. Onley – Go to CBC GEM & open your free account, to watch Murdoch Mysteries from Seasons 1 to the present, as they get posted. A gem of a deal for all Murdoch addicts.

  2. My question is regarding the surgery scheduled for the lady with abdominal pain. Lithotripsy was planned for kidney stones. Wasn’t that about 80 years too early? I know this is fictional, but I’m curious. And the water cooler looks very modern too.
    I’m a big fan of the program, started watching while helping with my first grandson almost 15 years ago and still enjoy it

  3. I am glad the camera work was mentioned. I absolutely hated the “intimacy”. The shots with Effie and George in the diner were distracting. It was like watching a soap opera.
    Thank goodness Debra McGrath was there to steal the show!

  4. I’m a huge fan of Murdoch Mysteries..I usually watch I think the new shows on Sunday @ 12:00 am channel 24(Milwaukee time) then @ 3 am they show a Rerun on 68.1..Anyways, can someone comment on the ‘wierd’ one where they were taken over by aliens..?? They never finished the episode..what? Each & every character including William..was taken over?

  5. No criticism here….All I can say is I love love love this show! It’s entertaining best thing in TV these days and so well done. I hope it continues for many many more seasons.

  6. Another interesting and exciting episode of season 15. Particularly impressive is the unexpected storyline with George’s aunt.
    Dr. Ogden is adorable as always. She was fired from the hospital and it was not a surprise. Unfortunately, in the last two episodes, there were no scenes of communication between Julia and William at all and because of this, the charm of this show is lost a little. Hopefully in future episodes we will see this lovely couple working together and romantically.

    1. I watch Murdoch on Acorn, which requires a subscription. They say season 15 will begin in early 2022, no specific dates yet.

  7. Murdock played in the USA for about a year, on Saturday and Sundays from the beginning. I saw all episodes until it stopped showing. When will Murdock start back playing in the USA?
    “Murdock Mysteries number one fan in the USA”.

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