Cottage Life’s latest original special, The Roanoke Mystery: New Evidence, goes on a quest to solve the 400-year-old mystery of a lost English colony

From a media release:

Cottage Life’s original documentary special, The Roanoke Mystery: New Evidence, follows renowned British archeologist Professor Mark Horton and local historian Scott Dawson as they dig for evidence that could help solve one of America’s oldest and most controversial mysteries: what happened to the first English colony on Roanoke Island? Featuring fascinating interviews, never-before-seen archeological evidence and cutting-edge scientific analysis, the special offers compelling theories on the fate of the first European colonists in the Americas, who settled on Roanoke Island in 1587 and suddenly vanished without a trace three years later. The Canadian broadcast premiere of The Roanoke Mystery: New Evidence airs Friday, July 1 at 9 p.m. ET/PT as a two-part documentary special on Cottage Life.

In 1587, a group of 117 men, women and children set sail for America from England. Arriving three decades before the Mayflower, they were on track to become American heroes. Instead, they became the subject of America’s first mystery. According to myth, many of the colonists were murdered; the rest had fled. One of the only clues to their fate: a coded message carved into a tree. The Roanoke Mystery: New Evidence gives audiences exclusive access to a new excavation site on the Island, piecing together centuries-old clues and compelling archeological evidence for the first time to reveal the truth of the settlers’ disappearance. The documentary unravels a story filled with hope and inspiration, reflecting a bond between the English settlers and an Indigenous Croatoan tribe that will forever change the history books.

The Roanoke Mystery: New Evidence is a co-production between Saloon Media, a Blue Ant Media company and BriteSpark Films, part of Argonon Media. Nick Godwin, Michael Kot, Betty Orr and Steve Gamester serve as Executive Producers. Overseeing the series for Cottage Life TV is Sam Linton, VP, Head of Original Content for Blue Ant Media’s Canadian channels. Blue Ant International oversees licensing for The Roanoke Mystery: New Evidence.

The Roanoke Mystery: New Evidence premieres on July 1st as part of Cottage Life’s “Mystery Marathon” programming stunt during the Canada Day long weekend. The two-part special will air alongside popular series Mysteries from Above, What on Earth?, Unearthed, Strange Evidence and Mysteries of the Abandoned.

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