New Metric Media partners with Encore to develop bilingual rom-com heist series

From a media release:

Award-winning comedy entertainment studio New Metric Media has partnered with Quebec’s premiere production company Encore to co-produce the untitled, rom-com mini-series involving a Quebecois family and an Anglo-Ontarian family reluctantly coming together despite their differences for an unforgettable wedding weekend. The project is based on a concept created by Mark Montefiore, Founder and CEO, New Metric Media.

“We’re excited to collaborate with the insanely talented producteurs d’Encore on this hilarious nouvelle serie that will transcend barriers de la langue and playfully bridge the gap between Québécois and English cultures, all while laughing at it at the same time,” commented Montefiore (above left). “This project is a celebration of inclusivity, laughter and the unique charm that defines le coeur du Canada.”

“As comedy is part of Encore’s DNA, nous sommes très heureux to work with New Metric Media. With Mark, his incredibly talented team, and a project that made us rire at the first words, it was only natural for us to join forces. We dated for a while and finally said OUI to each other!”, say Julie Provençal (above right), President of Encore.

The untitled rom-com is My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Bon Cop Bad Cop in a culture clash heist about a young couple from two different provinces whose wedding threatens to divide them rather than unite after the gift box of cash money goes missing from their already fractious ceremony. The Québécois blame the Anglos and the Anglos blame the Québécois sending the whodunnit mystery into all-out civil (union) war and threatens to drag their holy matrimony along with it.

About New Metric Media
Based in Toronto, New Metric Media is an award-winning independent entertainment studio specializing in building comedy brands across tv production, live entertainment, distribution, merchandising and licensing. Recipient of Playback’s 2022 Production Company of the Year award and the Banff World Media Festival’s 2018 Innovative Producer Award, the company’s slate of programming includes the hit Crave/Hulu original comedy Letterkenny, the Crave/Hulu Letterkenny spinoff series Shoresy, the CTV/CW/Roku half-hour comedy series Children Ruin Everything, as well as the new half-hour Crave comedy series Bria Mack Gets A Life.

New Metric Media is recognized as a leader in 360 degree brand marketing and its success with Letterkenny off-screen extensions, including beer, collectible merchandise and Letterkenny LIVE!, a sold-out North American theatre tour featuring the stars of the series.

About Groupe Encore
Created in Montreal in 2000, Encore is an integrated entertainment group, one of the most prolific production companies in scripted series (comedy and drama), live comedy specials, live plays, and artist management in French Canada.

With nearly 700 hours produced, Encore Television multiplies the production of millionaire and award-winning TV series praised both on the local and global markets.  Licensed in more than 100 countries as originals or adaptations, hit series like Les beaux malaises, Bête noire (Dark Soul), Fugueuse (Runaway), Pour Sarah (For Sarah), Léo, Boomerang, La candidate (The Candidate), Lâcher prise (Freefall) are amongst the highest-rated series in Québec.


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