Cash Cab Music hits the road

From a media release:

Buckle up, Canada! The iconic Cash Cab series returns with a musical twist, as Cash Cab Music premieres on GameTV on Monday, March 4 at 8 p.m. ET.

Adam Growe—beloved Canadian personality, comedian, and licensed taxi driver—hosts this thrilling game show, giving unsuspecting passengers the chance to test their music knowledge for cash prizes. As they drive to their destination, Growe asks them a series of increasingly-challenging questions. They’re not entirely alone on their journey, however. If they get stumped, there’s help – they can phone a friend, ask the world on social media, or shout out to a stranger on the street. But only once per game!

Each correct answer puts money in their pocket, while each incorrect answer counts as a strike. Like baseball, it’s three strikes and you’re out! The contestant must immediately exit the vehicle, no matter where they are on their route. Contestants who manage to reach their destination without earning three strikes, will have the opportunity to add to their winnings in the all-new “Cash Cab Karaoke” segment. In this electrifying final round riders can double their money if they can belt out the answer to the final question.

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