2024 WGC Screenwriting Awards winners announced

From a media release:

The winners of the 28th annual Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Awards were announced this evening at Koerner Hall in Toronto. Tonight’s gala brought together hundreds of Guild members, industry professionals, and fans—all in celebration of the Canadian screenwriters behind the programming and shows viewers enjoy in Canada and around the world.

Some winners of 2024’s top prizes include Enuka Okuma (Workin’ Moms), Zoe Hopkins (Little Bird), Lienne Sawatsky (Pinecone and Pony ), Marie Clements (Bones of Crows), and many others. Special awards were also presented to Meredith Vuchnich, winner of the Sondra Kelly Award, Ben Joseph, winner of the Alex Barris Mentorship Award, and Alex Levine, who was awarded the Denis McGrath Award for Service to the WGC for his exceptional service to the Guild and the Canadian screenwriting community. Mark Haroun, showrunner and executive producer of Heartland, received the Showrunner Award—the prestigious final prize of the event.

The ceremony was hosted by Jessica Holmes, known for her funny mental health keynotes as well as her work in The Holmes ShowRoyal Canadian Air Farce, and The Communist’s Daughter. Awards were presented on stage by writer/producer Ken Craw (Heartland, Family Law); writer/producer/director Sasha Leigh Henry (Bria Mack Gets A LifeSinking Ship); actress Malaika Hamadi (Bria Mack Gets A Life, Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent); actor/writer/producer Andrew Phung (Run the BurbsKim’s Convenience); actor Jonathan Langdon (Run the Burbs, Robyn Hood); writer Karen Walton (Ginger SnapsOrphan Black); writer Doug Taylor (SpliceA Christmas Horror Story); writer Ben Joseph (Rolie Polie OlieHotel Transylvania: The Series); actor/writer Mike D’Ascenzo (Dino Ranch, Charlie Bartlett); and actor/writer Sugith Varughese (TransplantFraggle Rock).

Pinecone and Pony, “Hero Soup” | Written by Lienne Sawatsky                                                

Workin’ Moms, “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” | Written by Enuka Okuma       

Little Bird, “Bineshi Kwe” | Written by Zoe Hopkins                                       

Irena’s Vow | Written by Dan Gordon                                                    

The Burning Season | Written by Jonas Chernick and Diana Frances   

Bones of Crows, “To Be Here” | Written by Marie Clements       

Superbuns, “The Sweet Sound of Christmas” | Written by Suzanne Bolch and John May                

SHORTS (includes web series, drama and comedy series episodes under 15 minutes)
I Will Bury You, “Depression” | Written by Ravi Steve Khajuria                                     

Popularity Papers, “Pain in the Bat Mitzvah” | Written by Jeff Detsky


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