Accessibility takes centre stage in Season 2 of Roll With It

From a media release:

Helmed by Canadian comedian and Trailer Park Boys legend Jonathan Torrens in the director’s seat, Roll With It returns for a second season on the heels of two Screen Nova Scotia nominations for Best Ensemble and Best Scripted Series. Inspired by real-life experiences of award-winning actor and ‘sit-down’ comedian Brian George, the show follows Brian as he navigates life on wheels in inaccessible cities and surrounded by well… jerks – including his own family. Fed up with not living life on his own terms, he takes matters into his own hands in this gritty Canadiana comedy written by comedian Peter Anthony (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Just for Laughs). Season 2 of Roll With It lands on Bell Canada’s Fibe TV1 channel on June 19, 2024, with one episode airing each Wednesday for six weeks.

“The great thing about a second season is you don’t have to pause to introduce every new character, so you can go full throttle on the story,” says director Jonathan Torrens. “The incredible actors in this cast know their characters inside out. Our crew led by DP Tim Mombourquette is world-class. Peter Anthony’s scripts are tight and funny. And we’ve added Canadian comedy legend Mike Wilmot to the mix. Fibe TV1 viewers are going to love this season!”

In Season 1, audiences became acquainted with Brian (played by Brian George) and his kooky family, always on the cusp of ‘something big’. Fed up with their antics, Brian takes his fate into his own hands and tries to get them onto some quick cash. A man on wheels with big dreams, Brian decides to rob his boss to fund his own business venture. That is, until things go awry.

“Our TV1 audience responded with such love and enthusiasm for the first season with Brian and his flawed but very funny family unit,” says Paul Gardner, Senior Producer, Fibe TV1. “We are very excited to see Roll With It return to continue Brian’s journey.”

“I used to see ableism as a negative,” says award-winning actor, comedian and star of Roll With It, Brian George. “But after working on Roll With It, that negativity has turned into therapy. People have always asked me how I keep my sense of humour in such an inaccessible world, but truthfully, if I didn’t have one, I don’t know where I’d be today.”

Roll With It is rounded out with a hilarious and celebrated cast including show creator and writer Peter Anthony, comedian Kenny Robinson (The Umbrella Academy, Coroner), Fiona Highet (Murdoch Mysteries, Law & Order Toronto), Katelyn McCulloch (Bystanders), award-winning actor Kirstin Howell (Moonshine, Queen of my Dreams) and Steven Lund (Who’s Yer Father?, Schitt’s Creek). New to Roll With It this season are Canadian comedy legend Mike Wilmot and Leah Pritchard as Brian’s love interest Nina. 

Season 1 is available to stream on Bell Fibe TV, channel 1 and the Fibe TV app.

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