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Heartland’s tense midseason finale

Talk about a nail-biter of a midseason finale. Sunday’s newest episode of Heartland, the final one of 2015, was unlike any I’ve seen since I started watching the show. Gone were the feel-good, happy endings we’re used to getting, replaced by scary scenes and poisoned animals.

The focus of “A Matter of Trust” was Georgie and Lou’s deteriorating relationship. Heartland hasn’t shied away from portraying the struggles associated with a family ravaged by divorce, but Sunday took another step, first by having mother and daughter wage war over lies, trust and responsibility and then with Georgie running away to Vancouver and leaving her cell phone behind at the ranch. Yes, Georgie is maturing and moving past that awkward phase and taking her first tentative steps into being a woman. She’s not there yet, but she sure wants to hang with and be accepted by the older girls. Everyone can relate to a storyline like that, and Georgie’s feelings. This being Heartland, I’m assuming Georgie will make it to Peter’s door unscathed, but that knowledge certainly didn’t take the edge off that final scene of her alone in the dark and wandering down the street. (As an aside, I hope Michelle Morgan receives a Canadian Screen Award nomination for her work this season; she deserves it.)

Meanwhile, an environmental disaster threatens the life of Phoenix. It’s been awhile since Heartland dealt with that angle, and having Rusty and then Phoenix succumb to poisoned water was tough to watch. Rusty has been treated and is on the road to recovery, but Phoenix may not be so lucky. Georgie’s disappearance means he’s not getting any attention and he needs someone to notice he’s not doing well. Fingers crossed Amy or Ty head back to the barn and discover the horse is in bad shape.

Heartland returns Sunday, January 10, at 7 p.m. on CBC.


Review: Not-so hero worship on Heartland

The kiss. Oh, that kiss. It was brought to my attention last week that Georgie may not have witnessed a kiss between Prince Ahmed and Amy–we didn’t actually see it but I was reacting to the look on Georgie’s face–but it was confirmed Sunday as she replayed the online clip again for herself and then for Lou. Now the cat is out of the bag. Or the horse has jumped the fence. Pick your cliché; the point is Georgie and Lou know. And now Amy does too. How long until Ty finds out?

“The Big Red Wall” may have dealt with Amy being at first too scared to try getting Ahmed’s gift horse to jump over a high wall, but it was as much about Georgie putting a wall between she and her former hero. By episode’s end Georgie had torn down her picture shrine to Amy and was disgusted by the whole situation. Yes, Amy told Lou that nothing had happened between she and Ahmed–he made advances but she told him to back off–but nothing will be the same between the three girls until the family sits down and talks about it. And despite Ty being busy with Caleb wanting to fast-track train the horses and Tim giving him the rough side of his tongue, he’s going to surf the ‘net soon. Better nip this bad news in the bud before it explodes.

The only bright spot in Heather Cronkie’s script came via Jack and Lisa, and even that came with its share of challenges. Georgie and Lou’s idea to hold a simple wedding party for the happy couple threatened to turn sour when Jack’s old gal pal Val Stanton arrived from Florida to sort out some business at Briar Ridge. Jack was reluctant to tell Val he and Lisa were a couple even before she revealed her cancer was back; after she did he swallowed hard and invited her to the party instead. The silver lining? Val had been stringing Jack along for fun–various townsfolk had spilled the beans to her about Jack already–and she had nothing but well-wishes for he and Lisa.

I can’t help but think the arrival of Val and her son, Jesse, spell conflict in the coming weeks. Jesse, in the space of just a day or two, asked Amy to be Briar Ridge’s trainer twice and despite her protestations I bet he’s not going to give up without a fight. And just because Val said she was happy with Jack’s situation doesn’t mean she was being truthful with him.

Other notes 

  • “Peter called. Your husband? Said he was at work and he’d call you again when he got home. You know, his home, in Vancouver?”–Gotta love Jack’s little dig at Lou
  • I’ve always loved Shaun Johnston’s craggy face; he can portray so much emotion with a twitch of his moustache. Jack caught between Lou and Lisa at the table over discussions surrounding the wedding party was great.

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. ET on CBC.