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Link: Exclusive: Anna Silk on Bo’s Faemily and the End of Lost Girl

From Jamie Ruby of Scifivision.com:

Exclusive: Anna Silk on Bo’s Faemily and the End of Lost Girl
Quite a lot happened in the powerful Lost Girl episode, “Family Portrait,” which aired tonight on Syfy. In the shocking ending, Bo, played by Anna Silk, lost both her mother and grandfather.

The actress recently sat down with Jamie Ruby of SciFi Vision in an exclusive interview to talk about Bo’s reactions to these losses and what’s to come next on the series. Continue reading. 


Set Visit: Lost Girl cast gears up to say goodbye

Through many emotional deaths, a few showrunner changes, and one Doccubus later, it’s certainly been a wild ride for the fans of and actors on Showcase’s Lost Girl. The hit series has ridden a successful ratings wave—all fuelled by a devoted fan base—headed by the multiple creative hands of M.A. Lovretta, Peter Mohan, Jeremy Boxen, Grant Rosenberg, Emily Andras, and finally Michael Grassi, the showrunner most recently tasked with Lost Girl‘s fifth and final season.

If you’re feeling like the past four years of Lost Girl have flown by, you’re not alone. TV, Eh? had the chance to visit the show’s Toronto set, and although it hadn’t officially been announced that the show was ending at the time, stars Anna Silk (Bo), Kris Holden-Ried (Dyson) and Zoie Palmer (Lauren) still reflected on making it to the big five season mark–a not so easy feat for any television series.

“It’s weird because I feel like we started yesterday, and it feels like it’s become so engrained in our lives that it’s been here forever now too,” said Palmer.

“When you’re in it things are happening so fast that you actually lose sense of time,” added Holden-Ried. “But now that we’re coming towards the end of Season 5 as far as filming goes, we’re getting emotional about it. You know, you can really feel the sense of being involved in something special and there’s a lot of love in the air.”

The lovefest kicks off on Sunday with the two-part series premiere, virtually a “direct carry over” from Season 4’s jarring end that saw the death of Hale (K.C. Collins) and the speculative passing of fan favourite Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), according to Holden-Ried. Although the cast kept mum on any specific details about the new season, Silk said to expect more scenes with the core group together, as well as the theme of family to encompass her own character’s storyline.

“For Bo in particular, her actual roots will really come into play this season. And that’s been something she’s been searching for since she was a lost girl way back when,” she said, adding that the theme will include answers about Bo’s father. As for relationships, Palmer said to expect the series to explore the dynamic between Lauren and Bo, one of the show’s biggest romantic supporters by fans, as well as the dynamic with Bo and Dyson.

“It’s still tense and there’s still a huge connection between the two of them, as there is between her and Dyson,” Palmer said. “There’ll definitely be an exploration of that throughout the season as well.”

Holden-Ried also touched upon the recently-announced guest roles played by Eric Roberts (Suits, The Dark Knight) and Noam Jenkins (Rookie Blue, Longmire).

“It’s great. You know, the richer the cast the better the show,” he said. “They both bring a lot of experience and history and poise in their characters.”

As they gear up to say goodbye to the roles they’ve played for the past four years, the three actors did admit a few things they’d like to see from their characters before the series ultimately comes to an end.

“I’d like to see more of Dyson’s past. I really enjoy some of the flashback episodes we’ve done,” Holden-Ried mused. “[Dyson] and Trick have been together since the 1500s, so it would be great to explore some other eras.”

“They’re really covering a lot of bases this season,” added Palmer. “I don’t know, I’m always curious about what Lauren does when she’s not doing science, like when she’s not fixing a Fae or figuring out a cocktail in her lab, I always wonder what she does to chill out. So far we’ve seen her bake, but I feel like I’d like to see what else she does when she’s not baking and creating lab cocktails.”

As for Bo, it seems that the few things Silk was hoping to see have actually made their way into the season, a parting to her character due to a conversation between Silk and Grassi long before filming began.

“I sort of I mentioned a few things, like maybe three or four things, and some of them were kind of light-hearted—not a joke, but just in conversation–and they’ve all been in this season,” Silk said. “I can’t tell you what they are, but it’s really cool that he’s encompassed all these tiny snippets that I wanted or that I saw into the season and built episodes or scenes about it. I feel really grateful to him.”

The season premiere of Lost Girl airs Sunday, Dec. 7, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.


First look: Lost Girl Season 5 gallery

This is it, Lost Girl fans. Bo, Lauren, Dyson, Tamsin and the rest of the crew are saying goodbye after five Fae-bulous seasons.

The upcoming super-sized year of 16 episodes kicks off Sunday, Dec. 7, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase, and the network released new gallery images of the main cast as well as episode images for the upcomg season premiere, “Like Hell, Part 1.” Enjoy!

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Lost Girl to end after five seasons

It’s the end of the road for the Bo and her friends. Lost Girl lead Anna Silk broke the news Monday that the upcoming fifth season of Showcase’s sexy fantasy series will be its last.

“After five incredible seasons, we have decided that it’s time for Bo’s journey to come to an epic conclusion,” Silk said during a YouTube message to the show’s fans on Monday morning. “And while endings are always sad, this one comes with a tremendous gift.” The actress detailed Season 5 will be a super-sized 16 episodes that will be broken up into two parts.

“The massive popularity of Lost Girl is a testament to the inventive and hard-working team at Prodigy Pictures, the magnetic and talented cast and the most devoted and passionate fan base in Canadian television,” Barbara Williams, senior vice-president, of content for Shaw Media, said in a press release. “We’re so proud that Showcase has been the home to this landmark series and we look forward to sharing these final 16 episodes with the show’s fans.”

The news comes following the announcement that Lost Girl showrunner Emily Andras  had departed the series at the end of last season; now it’s up to new boss Michael Grassi to sail the ship into the sunset.

“Being a part of the Lost Girl family has truly been a gift,” Silk stated in the video. “And you guys have been here since Day 1.”

Lost Girl debuted in 2010, and focused on a succubus named Bo (Silk). Silk’s co-stars include Kris Holden-Ried, Richard Howland, Zoie Palmer and Ksenia Solo, who captured a Gemini Award for her role as Bo’s buddy Kenzi, who was killed off at the end of Season 4.