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CTV Life Channel whips up reboot of classic culinary series Cook Like a Chef

From a media release:

This March, the masterclass is in session as CTV Life Channel enrolls Canada in the ultimate culinary emersion: the reboot of iconic series COOK LIKE A CHEF, Fridays at 8 p.m. ET, beginning March 6. Produced in partnership with Gusto Worldwide Media, the 20-episode, half-hour CTV Life Channel original shows viewers tricks of the trade from some of Canada’s best and brighest chefs.

The award-winning series that ran for 165 episodes from 2001-05 stays true to the original with modern updates including cutting-edge innovations, diverse cultural influences, and an all-new cast.

Bringing their varied culinary backgrounds to the table, COOK LIKE A CHEF’s four new hosts includes former personal chef to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and executive chef for the Beckta restaurant group, Chef Katie Ardington, and head chef of Montréal’s Maison Publique and former protégé of Jamie Oliver, Chef Derek Dammann. As well, Argentinian ONE WORLD KITCHEN host, Chef Natalia Machado, brings her unique flavour to the series, along with owner of Asian-Caribbean Toronto restaurant Patois, Chef Craig Wong. 

In each episode of COOK LIKE A CHEF, the expert chefs focus on a single ingredient and dive deep into cooking techniques, tips, and tricks that give any home cook confidence in the kitchen.

In the series premiere, “Duck ”, (Friday March 6 at 8 p.m. ET), Chef Craig Wong demonstrates techniques for preparing the perfect duck. Chef Wong first prepares the classic Peking Duck using unique techniques including blanching, basting, roasting, and frying. Other creations in this episode include a simple pan-seared Maple Duck Breast with Rosemary and a Jerked Duck Confit.


CTV reboots iconic series Cook Like a Chef for CTV Life Channel

From a media release:

CTV, in partnership with Gusto Worldwide Media, announced today the reboot of iconic series COOK LIKE A CHEF for its new lifestyle brand CTV Life Channel. Production begins later this month in Ottawa with an all-new cast of some of Canada’s best and brightest chefs, including former personal chef to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Chef Katie Ardington, head chef of Montréal’s Maison Publique Chef Derek Dammann, host of ONE WORLD KITCHEN Chef Natalia Machado, and owner of Patois restaurant in Toronto Chef Craig Wong. The series is slated to debut in early 2020 on CTV Life Channel.

CTV’s first original order for CTV Life Channel, the revival of COOK LIKE A CHEF stays true to its initial creative with some modern updates. Originally on air from 2001 – 2005, the rebooted series teaches viewers how to cook, not what to cook. The live-to-tape studio production breaks down the fourth wall, bringing the crew into the on-camera experience and providing a unique, intimate point of view for the audience.

The first season consists of 20 half-hour episodes, in which an expert chef focuses on a single ingredient and dives deep into cooking techniques, tips, and tricks that will give any home cook confidence in the kitchen.

Initially created by President and CEO of Gusto Worldwide Media Chris Knight, COOK LIKE A CHEF’s original run spanned six seasons and 165 episodes, and won a Gourmand cookbook award.

See below for more details on the diverse culinary backgrounds of COOK LIKE A CHEF’s four new hosts:

Chef Katie Ardington
Well-established in the Ottawa culinary scene, Chef Katie Ardington is the executive chef for the Beckta restaurant group, overseeing Play Food & Wine, Beckta, and Gezellig. Formally, Katie worked as the personal chef to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family. A proud recipient of the prestigious Top 30 Under 30 Award from the Ontario Hostelry Institute, Katie regularly gives back to her community through local food-related events and initiatives.

Chef Derek Dammann
Derek Dammann was raised in Campbell River, BC. He previously worked in one of Canada’s great Italian restaurants, Zambri’s, before making his way to the U.K. to work with Jamie Oliver. Today, Derek is based in Montréal where he is the proud owner of Masion Publique. Recently, he partnered with the Joe Beef team to open McKiernan Luncheonette, Rotisserie and Catering. He is the author of the best-selling cookbook, True North, Canadian Cooking from Coast to Coast.

Chef Natalia Machado
Originally from Buenos Aires, Natalia Machado is an award-winning chef who has brought her creative and authentic Argentinian fare to international competitions. Based in Montréal, Natalia is the Culinary Director for Ville Marie Collection and the host of ONE WORLD KITCHEN, where she showcases her culinary traditions while telling unique stories.

Chef Craig Wong
Craig is the Chef and owner of Patois Toronto, an Asian-Caribbean restaurant and the executive chef at Ting Irie, Dubai’s first Jamaican restaurant. Combining his Jamaican-Chinese heritage with classic French cuisine training, Craig Wong’s cooking has always been exciting, unique, and packed with bold flavors. His passion for learning and relentless determination led him to working in Three Michelin starred restaurants including Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée and The Fat Duck.


It’s a family affair on CTV Life Channel’s Holmes 911

Mike Holmes has made a career out of helping others sort through their construction debacles. Now he’s bringing his son and daughter into the mix.

To be fair, Mike Jr. and Sherry have been part of their father’s renovation empire in many of his past series. But this is the first time they’ve joined their father for a program that feels like the one that put him on the map. And on a new network too. Debuting Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV Life Channel (the rebranded Gusto, if you’re wondering), Holmes 911 recalls Holmes on Homes, the show that started it all (and scored me one of my first cover stories when I worked at TV Guide Canada).

“We’re going back to our roots and I think everyone loved Holmes on Homes,” Sherry says over the phone while cradling her active and vocal baby daughter. “I loved watching Holmes on Homes, and it’s nice to go back and give help to people who really need it.”

Sherry, like her brother Mike (listen to my podcast with him), never intended to join in her father’s quest to “Make It Right,” but once she accompanied him on the job site during television production, she changed her mind.

Two men and a woman look at a hole in a wall.“I did not want to do construction at all,” Sherry admits. “But I think, looking back, I was intimidated. I would do it for fun. On weekends, we would do odd jobs and do work with him. For me, it was just a fun, bonding time with my dad.” It wasn’t until 2009 on Holmes in New Orleans—the two-part Gemini-winner where Holmes and Brad Pitt team to rebuild homes in the city’s Ninth Ward—that Sherry decided to join her father full-time.

But back to Holmes 911. In the first of 12 episodes that focus on five houses, we’re introduced to two families. A weathered roof and odd electrical is just the beginning for a firefighter and his family, which includes his 13-year-old son, Jake, who has had brain surgery. The second home, owned by Bob and Barb, is the watery tale of an insurance claim gone hilariously wrong. In both, Mike, his son (Sherry stayed off-site for the first few episodes because of her pregnancy) and his crew uncover work that is head-scratchingly bad, all-out infuriating and, as always, informative.

“The whole reason my dad wanted to do television was to educate homeowners,” Sherry says. “You can’t stop what other people are going to do and if you run across a shoddy contractor, you want to know what to look for.”

Holmes 911 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV Life Channel.

Images courtesy of Bell Media.