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CTV Life Channel whips up reboot of classic culinary series Cook Like a Chef

From a media release:

This March, the masterclass is in session as CTV Life Channel enrolls Canada in the ultimate culinary emersion: the reboot of iconic series COOK LIKE A CHEF, Fridays at 8 p.m. ET, beginning March 6. Produced in partnership with Gusto Worldwide Media, the 20-episode, half-hour CTV Life Channel original shows viewers tricks of the trade from some of Canada’s best and brighest chefs.

The award-winning series that ran for 165 episodes from 2001-05 stays true to the original with modern updates including cutting-edge innovations, diverse cultural influences, and an all-new cast.

Bringing their varied culinary backgrounds to the table, COOK LIKE A CHEF’s four new hosts includes former personal chef to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and executive chef for the Beckta restaurant group, Chef Katie Ardington, and head chef of Montréal’s Maison Publique and former protégé of Jamie Oliver, Chef Derek Dammann. As well, Argentinian ONE WORLD KITCHEN host, Chef Natalia Machado, brings her unique flavour to the series, along with owner of Asian-Caribbean Toronto restaurant Patois, Chef Craig Wong. 

In each episode of COOK LIKE A CHEF, the expert chefs focus on a single ingredient and dive deep into cooking techniques, tips, and tricks that give any home cook confidence in the kitchen.

In the series premiere, “Duck ”, (Friday March 6 at 8 p.m. ET), Chef Craig Wong demonstrates techniques for preparing the perfect duck. Chef Wong first prepares the classic Peking Duck using unique techniques including blanching, basting, roasting, and frying. Other creations in this episode include a simple pan-seared Maple Duck Breast with Rosemary and a Jerked Duck Confit.


Gusto Worldwide Media casting for brand-new food series

From a media release:

Gusto Worldwide Media is looking for Canada’s next culinary superstars. Whether you’re a professional chef, inspired home cook or a passionate foodie, show us your skills and personality! Gusto Worldwide Media will be producing shows non-stop in 2017 and we’re looking for a variety of talent: bakers, globally inspired cooks or a fun personality who can host a dinner party show. But hurry, this open casting call will close on December 17th.

We want to hear from you if:

  • You’re a foodie
  • You know how to cook. Really, really cook
  • You have a BIG, fun personality
  • You specialize in a global cuisine (Korean, Cantonese, Schezuan, Greek, Caribbean, Lebanese, Moroccan, Turkish – just to name a few!)
  • Baking is your life

Culinary hopefuls are encouraged to submit a one to two minute video – don’t worry about the production, lighting or editing – to http://www.gustotv.com/casting-call-are-you-canadas-next-culinary-superstar/ .

Set up your phone in the kitchen, hit record and prove that you’re the best at what you do! Tell us about your background, your passion and why you would make the best Gusto star.  Tell us what makes you the right person to make Kimchi simple or Baklava achievable. Can you teach Canadians the tricks to great Greek cuisine? This is an opportunity of a lifetime – don’t miss out!