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Durham County’s last stand

From Lucid Media:

  • Last Dance for Durham
    “Ask Laurie Finstad Knizhnik what prompted her to create the astonishingly dark detective drama Durham County, and she’s likely to answer with a question of her own: “Aren’t you getting tired of what you see on television?” It’s a frank reply that goes a long way towards explaining her approach on the gritty series, now in it’s third and final season.” Read more.

New tonight: Durham County on HBO Canada – series finale “Sanctuary”

After spending the night purging his feelings to Ivan about Sadie’s tragedy in the line of duty, Mike Sweeney is reeling from Ivan’s confession regarding his disappeared wife, Katya. Mike stumbles into the station and tells Sabina and Samuel of Ivan’s drunken confession. But despite Sabina’s protests, Sweeney begins to spin a plan that keeps Ivan out of jail so he can use Ivan as bait to bring down Ivan’s drug lord brother-in-law Miro. Meanwhile, Ivan awakens to find Miro and his men in the upstairs washroom holding Katya’s cousin Eva hostage. When Ivan confesses to Miro he’s going to sell Miro out to the cops, Miro threatens to kill Evan unless Ivan gives Miro information about Miro’s sister, Katya’s disappearance. Mike and Ivan continue to play a game of cat and mouse. Ivan finally has to make a decision that will be the ultimate betrayal of his family and roots. Ivan’s damage and wreckage over his family galvanizes Mike to make the right decisions with his own damaged family.


New tonight: Durham County on HBO Canada – “The World Ends”

Still consumed by grief, Mike tries to lay blame on Ivan for his family tragedy. Meanwhile, Ivan sets Miro up to take the fall for Katya’s death and informs Mike that he found her wedding rings in Miro’s car. Frustrated, Mike pushes Ivan to find out where Miro is hiding the drugs he lifted off the Chinese. When Sabina learns that Sadie ignored her orders to stay away from David Cho, she lets Mike decide if she should be allowed back on the case. Convinced she can get access to David’s computer, Sadie convinces her father to send her back out undercover. But Sadie, always her father’s daughter, pushes boundaries and breaks the rules, leaving Mike to illegally clean up her mistakes. Mike, traumatized and burdened by Sadie’s actions, seeks comfort from the only other dark horse he knows – Ivan. When the two end up in a drunken stupor, Ivan makes a startling confession.


New tonight: Durham County on HBO Canada – “Survivors”

After a personal tragedy, Mike Sweeney, holding on by a thread, throws
himself into his work and takes Ivan up on his offer to deliver information
about Miro to the cops. Still unsure whom to trust, Mike unfreezes Miro¹s
accounts and releases Eva¹s computer to Ivan in order to give Miro the
resources to follow through with his plan to hijack a meth shipment on its
way to the Chinese. Mike is not taking any chances ­ he tells Ivan to
deliver the details of the shipment or he¹s arresting him. But things get
complicated, when Sadie discovers more than she should about the Chinese operation and puts herself in grave danger.


Live chat with Durham County producers on Sunday

From Durham County producers:

his Sunday, prior to Monday’s airing of the third episode of Durham County’s third season, fans of the show are invited to attend a live chat with Janis Lundman and Adrienne Mitchell – the co-producers and co-creators of the series. This will be your chance to ask Janis and Adrienne questions about the series, discuss the third season and the episodes that have aired, while also asking them questions relating to the making o……f the show and the upcoming Gemini Awards – for which Adrienne is nominated for a Best Directors Award.

The event will take place on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14th from 1pm EST to 2pm EST. The event will be hosted on the Durham County Facebook page’s discussion board at: www.facebook.com/DurhamCountyTV

Click on the Discussion Tab to access the chat.

Please invite your friends and family and anyone who is a fan of the show.

We will also be giving away a prize pack which will be awarded, at random, to a lucky fan who participates in the event. Don’t miss out on this exciting and rare opportunity! Janis and Adrienne look forward to speaking to you all at the end of this week!