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New mysteries unfold in Discovery’s Canadian original series Forensic Factor: A New Era, beginning November 17

From a media release:

Discovery joins the quest for justice with the reveal of latest Canadian Original docuseries, FORENSIC FACTOR: A NEW ERA, premiering Friday, Nov. 17 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. The six-episode, one-hour docuseries explores how incredible innovations in forensic science, combined with the expertise of dedicated crime scene investigators work together to uncover the truth. Produced in partnership with Bell Media Studios and Attraction, the updated series traces its DNA to the classic Discovery Original Canadian docuseries FORENSIC FACTOR, which premiered in 2003, and ran for six seasons. New episodes will also be available on CTV.ca and the CTV app each week

Every crime scene tells a story, and woven through each one-hour episode of FORENSIC FACTOR: A NEW ERA are the unique perspectives of forensic experts, and the stories of the victims themselves. As investigators and families search for answers behind the most terrible crimes, forensic specialists hunt for the most crucial evidence and clues, often invisible to many.

Moving beyond the yellow tape, each episode of FORENSIC FACTOR: A NEW ERA explores a different crime scene and reveals how crime scene investigators and determined homicide detectives find, analyze, and interpret the smallest pieces of a new weekly crime scene puzzle, leading to the biggest breaks, all thanks to ground-breaking advances in forensic science.

In association with Discovery, FORENSIC FACTOR: A NEW ERA is produced by Bell Media Studios and Attraction. Bell Media distributes the series internationally. For Attraction Nicole Hamilton and Richard Speer are Executive Producers, Sylvia Wilson is Series Producer.