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T+E annual “Spring Shivers” programming event unveils a spooktacular must-see TV lineup, including new season of the hit series, Haunted Hospitals

From a media release:

It’s halfway to Halloween and T+E’s highly anticipated annual event ‘Spring Shivers,’ is emerging from the dark depths, bringing Canadians a full week of spine-tingling programming from Monday, April 1 to Sunday, April 7, 2024 as we celebrate the midway point to the best holiday. Now in its third year, Spring Shivers is set to deliver more ghosts than ever before with over 150 hours of chilling programming, featuring all-new premieres and themed marathons of T+E viewers’ favourite ghostly series. This must-see lineup will include the Season 5 world broadcast premiere of the hit original series Haunted Hospitals, bringing viewers fresh eyewitness accounts of paranormal encounters in hospital facilities recounted by nurses, medical staff and patients. Audiences will find themselves immersed in hair-raising stories with the premiere of Social Media Murder, featuring one of the most shocking murders in recent years, a tragic tale played out through social media of teenage infatuation and repressed sexuality; and Close Encounters, focusing on unique, often untold and unsolved UFO sightings, known to captivate experts and researchers for decades. Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted and Unexplained Caught on Camera also return with new seasons.

From April 1 to 7, T+E’s “Spring Shivers” will be airing daily paranormal programming marathons, including episodes of Paranormal Caught on CameraHaunted Gold RushHistory’s Most HauntedGhost Hunters and more. Join the conversation on social media by following T+E’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages, and by using the hashtags #TEonTV #SpringShivers

Spring Shivers – Programming/Episodic Highlights (in order of date):

Social Media Murder
, Season 1 (1×60’; HD)
April 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT
When schoolboy Alex Rodda received a flirty message from an older man he was flattered and excited. Unaware he was being groomed he thought this would be his first taste of love. Yet just six weeks later he was brutally murdered in a dark wood. 18-year-old Matthew Mason was not openly gay and after grooming 15-year-old Alex on social media he wanted to keep their relationship secret – and knew there was only one way he could really silence his young lover. Experts observe how social media acted as a catalyst for this dreadful crime and share their views on how the older killer’s grooming of Alex played out. 

Close Encounters, Season 1 (13×30’; HD)
April 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT 
Every year countless UFO sightings are reported from thousands of regions around the globe. Many of these sightings are documented and investigated. Most of them can be accounted for by weather patterns, flight schedules or extraordinary imagination. But a select few are still considered unsolved–extraterrestrial puzzles that police investigators, government officials and even medical communities cannot explain. These are the unique, often untold stories that have captivated UFO experts and researchers imaginations for decades. These are the Close Encounters.

Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted, Season 3 (6×60’; HD)
April 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT 
Celebrity Help! My House is Haunted is back with six new celebrities allowing three of the UK’s leading paranormal investigators; Ian Lawman, Barri Ghai and Jayne Harris into their homes to investigate, cleanse and exorcize spirits that have left them living in perpetual fear. From royal revenants to lifelong spiritual attachments, our six celebrities including, Paul Chuckle, Chloe Ferry, Paul Burrell and Tina Malone, come face to face with terrifying supernatural entities, forcing the team to do whatever it takes to return their homes back to the land of the living. 

Unexplained Caught on Camera, Season 4 (10×60’; HD)
April 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT 
The most eye-opening unexplained videos caught on camera around the world – from poltergeists caught on mobile phones, UFOs on dash cams or apparitions on CCTV. This series uncovers a multitude of weird and wonderful phenomena; all caught on camera.

Haunted Hospitals, Season 5 (8×60’; HD)
April 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT 
Haunted Hospitals showcases eyewitness testimonies of paranormal activity inside hospitals and medical facilities. These chilling stories of ghostly experiences are first-hand accounts from nurses, health care staff and patients. It’s real people and their terrifying encounters in spaces occupied by the ailing, the recovering, and the undead. 

T+E is a Blue Ant Media specialty channel and the ultimate destination for totally entertaining programming, providing an escape into a world that is brimming with mystery, intrigue, and unforgettable storytelling. As the home to spine-tingling paranormal encounters, T+E combines thrills and chills with fan-favourite cult series and can’t-miss TV events.


Blue Ant Media ‘Makes it Right’ with its latest original slate for 2024, featuring Holmes on Homes: Building a Legacy

From a media release:

Announced today at Banff World Media Festival, international producer, distributor and channel operator, Blue Ant Media, announced its 2024 original slate for its Canadian specialty TV and global FAST offerings. The slate includes the brand new commission Holmes on Homes: Building a Legacy, featuring the original home renovation pioneer and TV personality, Mike Holmes, in a reboot of his original franchise, this time joined by his son Michael and daughter Sherry. The series will premiere on Cottage Life in Canada and also air on free streaming channel Homeful globally. Also starring on the slate is the new greenlight A Secret to Die For, commissioned for T+E and Total Crime, and Intervention Canada (Season 6), in partnership with A+E Networks, for Makeful. Rounding out the lineup are the two hit returning series, Haunted Hospitals and Mysteries from Above.

Blue Ant Media’s slate is overseen by Sam Linton, VP, Production and Development, Global Media. Blue Ant International will handle pre-sales and licensing opportunities worldwide for several of the original series in the slate.

“Our latest slate delivers on Blue Ant Media’s commitment to commission universally relevant and compelling original series for our Canadian speciality TV and global free streaming channels. Our new original series with Mike Holmes is a great example of home reno programming that will resonate with the extensive fanbase Mike has grown over the last 20 years,” says Carlyn Staudt, Head of Commissioning, Global Media, Blue Ant Media. “Banff is the perfect backdrop to announce these new projects, as we take great pride in working with our production partners to bring premium content to global audiences.”

Cottage Life/Homeful
Holmes on Homes: Building a Legacy (6×60’; HD)
Producer: The Holmes Group
World broadcast premiere scheduled for Cottage Life in spring 2024 during free preview. Series will also become available on Homeful in the US in 2024

After a lifetime of helping homeowners in need, Mike Holmes still has some unfinished business. Blue Ant’s new highly-anticipated original series will see Mike go back to his roots, alongside his son and daughter Michael and Sherry, to secure his legacy of ‘making it right’ in Holmes on Homes: Building a Legacy (6×60’; HD). From renovations gone wrong by crooked or incompetent contractors to worthy homeowners in need of a life changing renovation, each hour-long episode sees the Holmes trio roll up their sleeves and continue the work that cemented Mike as a household name across North America. Blue Ant International handles pre-sales and licensing opportunities worldwide.

Cottage Life
Mysteries from Above, Season 3 (8×60’; HD)
Producer: Saloon Media, a Blue Ant Media company

World broadcast premiere is scheduled for spring 2024 on Cottage Life in Canada during the channel’s nationwide free preview.

Renewed for a third installment is Cottage Life’s popular original series, Mysteries from Above. The series takes to the skies to unlock Earth’s greatest mysteries and dramatically change how we see the world. From the vantage points of drones, satellites, and aerial photography, the series explores unique buildings and structures — both natural and man-made, curious creatures and lost ancient civilizations, revealing fascinating insights and never-before-seen footage to the viewers. Mysteries from Above, Season 1 was one of spring 2022’s top 10 primetime series with total viewers, as well as Cottage Life’s core demographic of adults 25-54 and women 25-54. Season 2 is currently airing on Cottage Life. Blue Ant International handles pre-sales and licensing opportunities worldwide.

Haunted Hospitals, Season 5 (8×60’; HD)
Producer: Sphere Media

World broadcast premiere scheduled for spring 2024 on T+E in Canada during the channel’s nationwide free preview

Scheduled to air on HauntTV in the US, UK and Australia in 2024

Fan-favourite paranormal series Haunted Hospitals is back for a fifth season, recounting the chilling stories of paranormal activity inside hospitals and medical facilities. In each episode, nurses, health care workers and hospital support staff give first-hand accounts of the supernatural encounters. As these personal testimonies unfold, the mysteries behind the troubled souls and hauntings reveal a terrifying reckoning. Season 5 of Haunted Hospitals follows the success from Season 4, which ranked as one of fall 2022’s top 10 primetime series on T+E and outpaced the primetime average with total viewers. Blue Ant International handles pre-sales and licensing opportunities (for Season 5) worldwide.

T+E/Total Crime
A Secret to Die For (10×60’; HD)
Producer: Blue Ant Studios

World broadcast premiere scheduled for fall 2024 on T+E in Canada

Scheduled to rollout on Total Crime in the US at a later date

The series investigates how a person’s secret life can end up costing them their own. A Secret to Die For peels back the layers of the victim’s seemingly happy life to reveal new, dark secrets that family and friends would never have believed. As the missing pieces of the victim’s life come together, new interviewees offer an entirely fresh perspective, concluding with the dramatic revelation of a secret explaining why the victim was killed and identifying the murderer. Blue Ant International handles pre-sales and licensing opportunities worldwide.

Intervention Canada, Season 6
Producers: Open Door Co./Insight Productions

Canadian broadcast premiere scheduled for winter 2024 on Makeful in Canada

Blue Ant Media has partnered with A+E Networks to greenlight the sixth season of Intervention Canada, a one-hour documentary series from Open Door Co. and Insight Productions. Based on the critically acclaimed A&E Network series, Intervention, the Canadian format provides an unflinching glimpse at addiction from all sides – including the addict as well as the dreadful toll the addiction takes on their families and friends. Each episode culminates in a dramatic intervention led by a prominent interventionist in which the addicts featured must decide whether or not to accept an offer for a clear path to recovery in one of Canada’s top addiction treatment facilities.


Blue Ant Media greenlights two new original productions and orders four renewals for its Canadian TV platforms

From a media release:

Producer, distributor and channel operator Blue Ant Media announced today from Prime Time two new greenlights and four renewals set to debut in 2022 and 2023 across its Canadian specialty TV platforms: Cottage Life, T+E and Love Nature. The new additions reinforce Blue Ant Media’s commitment to create compelling, diverse and scalable series that offer a unique voice and perspective. Overseen by Sam Linton, VP, Head of Original Content, Canadian Media, Blue Ant Media, the originals lineup includes a mix of Canadian and world broadcast premieres with several series available for licensing globally by Blue Ant International.

To mark Cottage Life’s 35th anniversary this year, Blue Ant Media has greenlit the new documentary special Loons: A Cry from the Mist (wt)(World Broadcast Premiere), which chronicles a year in the life of the common loon. The beloved Canadian bird, synonymous with cottage country, has been the long-standing icon for the Cottage Life brand. Returning to Cottage Life is Dr. Savannah: Wild Rose Vet (Season 2), a Blue Ant and APTN co-production that has been renewed for a second season. The series profiles rural Alberta-based veterinarian Dr. Savannah Howse-Smith as she rescues and rehabilitates animals while also exploring her newly-discovered Métis heritage.

On T+E, Canada’s home to paranormal programming, the horror anthology series Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life (Season 2; Canadian Broadcast Premiere) has been renewed for a second season. Executive produced by the award-winning film director, producer, writer and actor Eli Roth (Inglourious Basterds, Hostel, The Last Exorcism) and Cream Productions, the Blue Ant Media and discovery+ co-production debuted to much success on T+E last October. To keep up with the paranormal demand, T+E’s original hit series, Haunted Hospitals (Season 4; Canadian Broadcast Premiere), returns for a fourth installment this fall 2022. The hit franchise saw Season 3 wrap as a top 10 primetime series on T+E. Finally, the all-new T+E eight-part docu-series Mission: Unexplained (Season 1; Canadian Broadcast Premiere) follows military veterans as they share the terrifying, unexplained events they witnessed on the front lines. The greenlight is part of the Blue Ant Media and Content Catalyst Fund (CCF) joint venture that backs women-led creatives in unscripted content, from development to production and distribution, for the Canadian and global marketplaces.

Returning to Love Nature, the 12-part documentary series Battle of the Alphas (Season 2; Canadian Broadcast Premiere) offers audiences an in-depth look at animal conflict, competition and the battle for supremacy. Season 2 of Battle of the Alphas is a Love Nature global commission, slated to air in Canada and roll out worldwide on Love Nature’s branded linear and streaming platforms in 2023.

Alongside the new original commissions, Blue Ant Media announced from Prime Time two current projects in development for Blue Ant Media’s Canadian broadcast channels, with the potential for licensing both series to other content companies via Blue Ant International. The projects, Haunted Goldrush (working title) and Expedition Great White, are unscripted, original documentaries that span the paranormal, wildlife and nature genres. Haunted Goldrush, executive produced by Sean De Vries, follows paranormal investigators Corine Carey, Leanne Sallenback and Kelly Ireland as they make their way up British Columbia’s historic and mysterious Gold Rush Trail. The route which runs through the famed Fraser Canyon up to the gold rush town of Barkerville was a bustling, wild and often violent place in the 1800s. But as soon as the gold was gone, so were the people. However, many locals believe some never left. On the east coast, Expedition Great White examines the dramatic rise of great white sharks spotted in Nova Scotia waters during the fall and summer months. The documentary is produced by Edward Peill, Tell Tale Productions (The Curse of Oak Island) and Ken MacDonald, former Vice President and General Manager for Discovery Channel in Canada. Overseen by Sam Linton, both development projects underpin Blue Ant Media’s commitment to work with regional producers across Canada and invest in high-quality, distinctive programming that resonate with audiences coast to coast.

For a full list of original programming highlights, please see below.


Loons: A Cry from the Mist (wt) (1×60’; HD)
Scheduled for fall 2022 • World Broadcast Premiere
Producer: Yap Films
Loons: A Cry from the Mist (wt) chronicles a year in the life of Canada’s iconic bird, the common loon. Through the lens of cottagers, citizen scientists and bird experts, the documentary special examines the perils impacting the loon population—from global warming to boat traffic and big wakes disturbing their habitat. The special spotlights how Canada’s beloved loon is under threat. Distributed by Blue Ant International.

Dr. Savannah: Wild Rose Vet, Season 2 (13×30’; HD)
Scheduled for spring 2023
A Blue Ant Media and APTN Co-production • Producer: Wapanatahk Media in partnership with Great Pacific Media
The series picks right back up at Alberta’s Rocky Rapids Veterinary Service, where mixed animal practitioner, Dr. Savannah Howse-Smith, rescues and rehabilitates a wide range of household pets and exotic wildlife. Dr. Savannah oversees new animal emergencies everyday at work, while also trying to learn more about her recently-discovered Métis heritage in her personal life.


Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life, Season 2 (8×60’; HD)
Scheduled for fall 2022 • Canadian Broadcast Premiere
A Blue Ant Media and discovery+ Co-production • Producer: Cream Productions
Executive produced by award-winning film director, producer, writer and actor Eli Roth, the original horror anthology series unveils shocking stories of real-life hauntings that have left emotional (and sometimes physical) scars on those unlucky enough to have experienced them. Horrific and evocative, each hour-long episode exposes viewers to the stories of survivors who have been dragged through hell and back and now struggle to rebuild their shattered lives.

Haunted Hospitals, Season 4 (10×60’; HD)
Scheduled for fall 2022 • Canadian Broadcast Premiere
Producer: BGM Inc., a Sphere Media company
Haunted Hospitals recounts the chilling stories of paranormal activity inside hospitals, nursing homes and morgues. In each episode, nurses, medical support workers and patients give first-hand accounts of the supernatural, such as deceased patients who return from the grave, ghost children who stalk medical staff and territorial spirits who lay claim to hospital hallways. As these personal testimonies unfold, the mysteries behind the troubled souls and hauntings become more alive than ever.

Mission: Unexplained, Season 1 (8×60’; HD)
Scheduled for spring 2023 • Canadian Broadcast Premiere
Blue Ant Media and Content Catalyst Fund (CCF) joint venture • Producer: Blue Ant Studios
Mission: Unexplained follows military veterans as they share the terrifying, unexplained events they witnessed on the front lines. From mystifying lights to vanishing civilians, frightful apparitions to mechanical mysteries and more, the series gives audiences a front row seat to the action as veterans recount their harrowing experiences. Distributed by Blue Ant International.


Battle of the Alphas, Season 2 (12×30’; HD)
Scheduled for 2023 • Canadian Broadcast Premiere
Producer: Yap Films
The battle of the alphas happens across the planet every day: babies compete for their mother’s milk, adolescents play-fight and adults become aggressive when their leadership is challenged or when they’re in search of a mate. From friendly competition to territorial battles, the all new season delves into the science behind animal conflict. Distributed by Blue Ant International.


Season 3 of T+E’s Haunted Hospitals returns

From a media release:

T+E’s hit original series Haunted Hospitals (13×60’) returns for a third season with chilling stories of paranormal activity inside hospitals, asylums and long-term care homes. Featuring expert insight from paranormal investigators Morgan Knudsen, Christopher Brewer and Richard Estep, the new installment sees doctors and nurses stalked by tormented spirits; patients unlocking portals to other dimensions; and demonic entities lurking in corridors. These encounters are part of a paranormal pattern experienced by medical professionals and patients across Canada and around the globe. The documentary series takes viewers down spooky paths leading to unexpected twists, with shocking and hair-raising otherworldly encounters at every turn. Personal testimonies keep the storytelling authentic with a first-person production approach immersing audiences in fear. The world broadcast premiere of Haunted Hospitals airs Wednesday, March 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT exclusively on T+E in Canada, during the channel’s nationwide free preview event running until May 2 across more than 8 million Canadian households.

The first two episodes of Haunted Hospitals, Season 3 include:

Episode 1 – Dance of Death, The Feeder, Swept Away
March 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT
The series opener shows viewers Marlon Brandon, a nurse who begins experiencing the ghost of a young man who died while fighting for social justice that has returned to the hospital seeking closure. A near death experience for Emily Walsh, a patient, opens her up to the unknown dangers of a ghastly creature and Stephanie Ferreira, a pregnant woman, falls ill only to encounter the spirits of an anguished mother and the otherworldly cries of a baby in distress at the hospital.

Episode 2 – Soul Taker, The Iron Lung, Water Problems
March 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT
In this episode, a personal support worker, Paige Mitchell, is on the night shift tending to an elderly patient when she is stalked by an energy-sucking entity. Christina Anderson, a nurse in a Catholic hospital, encounters the tormented soul of a nun and Kenny Irish is terrorized and chased through an abandoned psychiatric hospital while on a service call.

Haunted Hospitals is produced by BGM Inc. Robin Bicknell is the Series Producer. Bruno Dubé, Marlo Miazga, Sean Connoly and Corinna Lehr serve as Executive Producers. Robin Bicknell and Patrick Hepburn are Directors. Sara Soligo is the Story/Post Producer and Juan Montalvo is the Director of Photography.